"L33T Index”.

2 different jobs with different skills required.

3 types of skills

The 3 types of skills are technical, general and soft skills they are all needed for jobs in a specific way.

Technical skills are skills you would only get in that field alone an example of this would be that you need a nursing degree to be a nurse a nursing degree would not help you become a brick layer.

General skills tend to be skills that you pick up and develop on a day to day basis for example every day you talk to someone so this helps you improve your communication skills.

Soft skills tend to be part of your personality and tend to be natural trait and can not be learned. people who are described as hard working tend to be that way as part of the personality you can not learn to work hard.

PKF Cooper Parry I.T Engineer (Birmingham)

For this job role the specific skill set for technical would be to use the software and hardware that the subject is related to, for example Microsoft office skills will be needed to for this job because when the company use spread sheets to file and structure work they will need to use excel to keep it with in the table. This allows it to keep organised and everything is in place.cisa , cism or a cissap qualification is required as part of the job as they need to be trained to use some of the equipment and without the qualifications they can not use them.

The general skills being used are communication as they will be working with the customer to find out what has gone wrong with the machine in order to find the route of the problem and fix as soon as possible. This will mean they will need to work as a team with the customer in order to find the problem. once they have found the problem they will need to answer any questions the customer may have in order for them to understand why it is not working. Skills like time management help so they can plan their day better this allows the jobs to run more smoothly and will help with the job to progress better. It also means clients are happier with the service if they are on time. I.T , Maths and English skills are general skills this will help with the job in hand due to the basics being able to be done properly.

Soft skills. They will need to have patience with the machinery in case the job is not easy to fix this could mean that they would have to be organised and make sure everything is accounted for time wise. so they can make their team aware where they are and what they are doing. Team work and enthusiasm will make this job easier as the team will be happy to be there if they are enthusiastic about the job it also allows the team to stay motivated and have a can attitude about the work, this allows the team to do the work.

Problem solving skills will be involved as some people naturally enjoy them are and better at them this allows the job to be completed easier as they find the problem, then find how to fix it quicker. Hard work is required to fix things so a hard working will be automatically better adapted.

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iress-Team Lead - Financial Services and IT Support

The job technical requirements

Experience of Support/helpdesk and/or Financial Services work this is specfic because it needs to be a certain job role and it can only be picked up in that field.

·A basic understanding of relevant areas of I.T and a good understanding of MS Office and other common tools. This needs to be part of the qualifcation as well as a degree in business and finance. This is needed to be qualified for the job.

·Experience and working knowledge of ITIL principles

They need these skills because it's what's on the application requirements so you can't do the job without them basically. It's the software that they will be using at the job so the applicant would have to use on the job.


Team leadership can be used in a daily basis but it can just be there naturally this is needed in this job role because it is role where they need to be in charge of other people and show them tasks. This will require confidence also which is a soft skill because it can be there naturally but for this role it would be developed confidence. Time management will be key as well as organisation this is due to the team working together and knowing what they need to do and when they need to do it this means they can be more organised and make the company run smoothly. This is also known as team work skills because he will be trusting the team. This role will require a problem solving skill as not everything will always go to plan. IT support also shows interactions with a customer yet again so patience and communication can be used. when things don't go to plan for example if the client takes longer then they thought would they need to adapt their day and maybe work later.

soft skills

Honesty will be needed in this role as the team will need to know if something has gone wrong due to a mistake this will allow the boss to fix the problem accordingly. Confidence will be needed to admit the mistake and move on.

The role requires a Determined person as well as a enthusiastic person due to them having to motivate team and push them and keep that belief that they can do it. The person will need to be punctual as if they start late the team may lose motivation as to why they bother. The job requires someone with a strong will so they can keep their team together and organised and allows them to finish jobs.