Ecommerce Strategy 2015

What is it all about?

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What Ecommerce Strategy 2015 Is All About

This year 2015, retailers and suppliers need to bring their businesses to a different level. Today’s ecommerce is not only about what product and how much it costs but also more about the in-depth reviews and product information. Consumers nowadays are more likely to be knowledgeable about not only inventory availability but also about desirable shipping. As to the shipping, most prefer it free or very fast like overnight. To describe today’s consumers, they are the ones who can wait for their products concerning all the aspects to consider mentioned above – less demanding but very keen.

Ecommerce strategy 2015 should focus more on the speed of delivery as well as its cost on top of product quality of course. The product origin and manufacturing come second. With these basic knowledge, ecommerce nowadays will earn customer loyalty and retention.

Today, there is a growing number of savvy shoppers who are very meticulous up to the point of checking checkout totals. Checkout portion is where shipping estimates become increasingly critical. Here we talk about sales tax, inventory availability, delivery dates and final pricing. This is where you either gain or lose customers. You stand between making them satisfied or very angry. Think of the many social media they can vent out or rant.

Here are some of the things retailers should keep in mind now that people shop online more than ever. If there is anyone who should know the reasons for doing so, it would be the retailers.

First is mobile commerce. Next is shipping which is most likely to be same day service. Also be keen on the inventory and the speed and accuracy of checkout. More so, ecommerce should take a look at mobile and social commerce – may that be about incentives, influencers or consumer to consumer advocacy. Wearable technology is also another thing to look in to. It is about Google Glass, iWatch and the likes. Cart compliance is also important. Consumers are particular with information security, again, final pricing and sales tax.

In ecommerce strategy 2015, it is important to know how consumers shop and pay in a broader time frame – say in the future. Ecommerce strategy will not go from retail, payments, financial services, mobility, location services, social media, email marketing services, data and analytics.

Ecommerce strategy 2015 is sure to be standing in a very challenging world at a very challenging time but is also something that is worth a shot. Having the knowledge especially about reasons on why and where shoppers shop, and a handful of right tools, ecommerce retailers will surely make it to a win. Speed is important to adjust to today’s fast moving world. Retailers should stay on top of their and other competitors’ goals. Stay upfront about the social web, cart compliance, customer must-haves, customer loyalty and retention. Each of these important strategies gives retailers a good position to invest on chances to gain and acquire more market share while the excellent business still last. More importantly, have fun in the light of business.