Creasy Connection

May 9, 2016

Principal Passage...


As I have read the messages from students to teachers, I recognize all the amazing people there are in this building, how important you are to them, how they feel your care, acknowledge their appreciation and how much they truly love you. The week was not long enough, so many messages, we will continue reading them on the news for a couple days.

May 11th staff meeting will focus on EOG testing training with a brief review of Core Value submissions.

Welcome Carla! Carla Humphries begins her LTS for Chloe tomorrow. She has prepared so intently for these third graders. I know we all are pleased to have her with us!


  • Have you made your UNCF pledge? Let's give it our focus this week.
  • Appreciate all the TRC support and commitment in the coming weeks.
  • EVAAS Roster Verification - many of have this done - thks. See me w any questions - needs to be completed this week.
  • Consider joining me for the Recruitment Fair on 5/14:). Have one volunteer for the first couple of hours. One more for 10-12?
  • Request for Tuition Reimbursement from WSFCS is due by 5/12. Needs my signature.
  • Boosterthon collection is at 80%. Next collection deadline coming. Will send you email with more details. Please mention in your newsletters.

Happy Mother's Day!

Calendar Links


Final PDP Time...

It's time for us to complete our professional development plan. As we will begin setting appointments for final summary and PDP completion, record your evidence and comments for your PDP's.

The school Haiku goal has prepared us to begin school next year with Haiku sites in place of our websites. Information will be provided before we end the school year on the "how to's" for this transition.

A few more items...

  • If you are serving as a Mentor to someone new to our faculty. Please attempt to get observations done by April 15th or sooner. End of the year for these is not advisable for many reasons. Need support? Reach out to Lindsay or me.

  • Please copy me on your classroom newsletters either via email or on paper. This should be at least bi-weekly or weekly.

Walkthrough Schedule

We have heard your feedback about how we unintentionally go into the same rooms some days. Here is a schedule which should address this issue.

Creasy Monday and Friday
Mikesell Tuesday and Thursday
Stern Wednesday

Bobby also does student observations so may be in on other days. We'll do our best to follow this schedule.

Calendar May / June

This list is not an exhaustive of the Haiku staff calendar

  • 5/9-5/18 Used Book Collection begins
  • 5/9 TRC Assessment continues this week
  • 5/11 Staff Meeting - focus EOG training
  • 5/13 Guided Reading Follow-up w B. Brown 3-5
  • 5/14 Eagle Mile Run this Saturday
  • 5/14 Recruitment Fair at Career Center 8-12
  • 5/18 SIT meeting - plan writing
  • 5/20 Mayfest
  • 5/20-5/25 Used Book Sale
  • 5/23 Kindergarten Screening
  • 5/26 Guided Reading Follow-up w B. Brown K-2
  • 5/27 Science EOG - 5th
  • 5/30 Memorial Day - no school
  • 6/1 Staff Meeting
  • 6/1 Reading EOG 3-5
  • 6/2 Math EOG 3-5
  • 6/3 EOG Make-ups

Lesson Plan Schedule

5/9 Third / Music

5/16 Fourth / PE

5/23 Fifth / Science