Ms. Damschroder's 3rd Grade

Week of November 10, 2014

Reminder to PARENTS!

Please sign up for a parent teacher conference on one of the 3 days if you have not done so already. Please sign up for a conference even if I saw you at conferences in October. If you do not have a form, please call the elementary office and Mrs. Buck will help you. Thank you!

What do I do at home?

Read EVERY night. Find a good book and READ, READ, READ!! You should read for at least 15-20 minutes every day. Make sure you are not reading something that is too easy or too hard. If you need books, let Ms. Damschroder know.

Practice memorizing multiplication and division math facts. if you need flash cards, let Ms. Damschroder know.

Spelling Words

Practice your words every night. Make up chants, cheers or rhymes to help you remember the words. There will be a test on Friday!!

right, terrible, ape

trouble, won't, grape

wouldn't, write, tape

about, knew, shape

new, myself, scrape

What are we Learning?

Reading: We will learn to compare and contrast details in similar stories.

Writing: We will begin to work on fictional narratives.

Words: Students WILL have new spelling words this week!

Math: Students will learn more about division and multiplication this week. Keep practicing facts at home!

Science: Students will begin science with Mrs. Morrision this week.

Important Dates

November 11th--Veteran's Assembly

November 18th--Conferences (afternoon/evening times)

November 20th--Conferences (afternoon/evening times)

November 24th--Conferences (morning times)

November 24th-28th--No School


Our reading week was a success!! Students were excited to read and we were happy to have all the parents who could make it come to our room on Friday. We had fun on our family road trip. Thank you parents for your help!