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All the arts

FELIX: Stay at home

For when rain makes you give up the idea of leaving home, what better than a good film. Try ‘Ida’ a Polish drama about Anna, a young novitiate nun in 1960s Poland, that is on the verge of taking her vows when she discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation. More here.

VERÓNICA: Summer festivals

The Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona is one of those big events where you can find tones of foreigners all in the same place for the same thing: music. And with the roster they have this year (Nine Inch Nails, Arcade Fire o Queens of the Stone Age) how are you going to miss it? So find the perfect agenda not to miss anything here.

ALEJANDRA: Chavs and 'chonis'

Owen Jones is the new prodigy of the British Journalism, he won the Best Young Writer Award in the United Kingdom and his book “Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class” has become a hit, selling millions of copies. Read here an interview with him on social classes and neoliberalism.

Old as dirt

MAITE: Underwater Time Capsule

Few will have thought, when mapping a series of ‘cenotes’ in the Mexico coast, that the oldest American human was waiting for them in a huge underground cave. But that is what the team of ‘Proyecto de Espeleología de Tulum’ found when exploring those waters: Naia was there, waiting for 13.000 years. Read all about it here.

Pleasures of live

YOLANDA: When in Rome...

…Do like the romans, isn’t it? So, when in NYC try to blend with the locals, and follow this eight essential rules to party like a born new Yorker. Paul Sevigny, brother of Chloë Sevigny and with one of the coolest bars in the city, knows what you have to do. Here.


Belgium, beer paradise, with more than 500 types of beer making it the country with the highest variety in the world. Among all the options, find here five that are a must for beer lovers from all kind: blondes, dark, amber…

PABLO: Travel, and travel lots

The New York Times compiles 52 incredible places to go in 2014. Witness a city in transformation, glimpse exotic animals, explore the past and enjoy that beach before the crowds... Find more experiences here.

World of journalism

ROBERTO: Agressive much?

Twitter is becoming more and more hostile, and not only for public characters, but for anyone. Problem is, until very recently, the reports to the police and complains where not very useful, as they did not seem to make anything change. But maybe it is time for that to change, even if it’s not for the best of reasons. Read about it here.

JUNCAL: "Paren el mundo, que me quiero bajar"

The last Communication and Humanities Príncipe de Asturias Prize was, for many, a surprise as it went to Joaquín Salvador Lavado, best known as Quino, famous worldwide for a little girl with lots of black hair and the ability to reflect the worse of the world with simplicity and humor. We talk, of course, about Mafalda. Read it here.

KERRY: With philosophy in mind

The Philosopher’s Mail is a new website (launched at the beginning of this year) of philosophy-led contemporary news analysis, created by Alain de Botton. A completely new way to look at the world around us and to the daily news. Here.