Port Jackson Shark

Egg Laying Shark

Life Cycle

  1. A spiral shaped eggcase is laid by the mother shark. The eggcase stays underwater while the baby develops.
  2. The yolk gives the baby all that it needs to grow inside the eggcase.
  3. When the baby is ready to emerge from the eggcase it pushes its way out into the sea.
  4. The pup finds its own food and grows into an adult.

Is this a dangerous shark?

The Port Jackson Shark eats crustaceans(shellfish) from the bottom of the sea.

It has strong crushing jaws with only some sharp teeth and crushing plates. Keep your hands away and it won't hurt you.

On its dorsal fins there are spikes to protect it from being harmed. Divers or fishermen could be hurt if they bump these pointy spines.

The Port jackson Shark would rather swim away than hurt anyone.

Port Jackson Shark video by Shark Jackson

Start-2:20 Eggs on shore

2:20-3:30 Jervis Bay

3:30-4:50many teeth(crushing)

9:30min-10:42 eggs underwater

13:00-1330 Gills-

14:50 Nursery egg yolk, gills 16:15 leaving the egg -17:25

17:25-18:20 predator protection


crustacean = shellfish = food

embryo = baby not able to live on its own

pup = baby shark

yolk= food for embryo