The Vision

McKinley Middle School

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Purpose of The Vision

Welcome to McKinley Middle School's family newsletter known as The Vision. The purpose of The Vision is to provide ongoing communication to McKinley families. This communication will be centered around our three focus areas for the second semester: Academic Instruction, Social-Emotional-Behavior (SEB) Instruction, and Community Engagement. Our goal is to provide regular communication and progress updates on these three focal points as well as specific information that falls within these realms.

During the three weeks leading up to holiday break, instructional coaches and administration conducted classroom walkthroughs focusing on academic instruction. In addition, we conducted a student climate survey to gauge student perceptions around an array of culture and climate related topics. In this issue of The Vision, we are sharing out the feedback and data collected from these two action steps.

Academic Instruction

Our current academic-related action steps focus on the following general instructional areas:

  • Teachers and students understanding the purpose and relevance of the common core standards being taught and assessed
  • Research-based routines and procedures that are building-wide
  • Ongoing feedback to students to gauge understanding and growth

Our goal is to reach 80% proficiency on all 13 action steps related to the above three instructional areas. This means when walk-throughs are conducted, these action steps are being successfully implemented and observed at least 80% of the time. Below are the results from our recent walk-throughs.

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Social-Emotional-Behavior Instruction

During the weeks leading up to holiday break, students were asked to complete a culture and climate survey. The purpose of this survey was to help us gauge student perceptions regarding norms in our building. Results from this survey demonstrate significant growth in almost all areas related to culture and climate. The results for each "Question" are based on a 5-point scale.
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Community Engagement

Looking for volunteer opportunities at McKinley? Currently, we are looking for volunteers to assist with greeting students in the morning, BearPaw Store workers (PBIS store), and academic-related supports in the classroom. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these opportunities, please contact our volunteer coordinator Mrs. Jackie Mason at 319.558.2348 or email

Cedar Rapids Community School District volunteer handbook