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by: ava denlinger

The King of Pop

Who is the King of Pop? He is famous for his black leather jacket, fedora, and a sequin glove. Any guesses? It is Michael Jackson. He was born in 1958, on August 29th. He grew up in Gary, Indiana, with his eight brothers and sisters. In Michael's early yeas he as apart of a band called The Jackson 5.

In Michael's solo career he won thirteen Grammy Awards. Michael Jackson also won The Artist of the Decade in 1990. He was given The World Music Award in 2006. When Michael Jackson was in The Jackson 5 , they were the first group in pop history to get their first four singles number one. He made history when he won eight Grammy Awards in one night.

When Michael performed people lined up to get tickets. Those tickets could cost up to $2,500.00. One performance earned him 7.5 million dollars . Sadly Michael Jackson died on August 25th, 2009. He suffered cardiac arrest, and passed away in Holmby Hills, LosAngeles, California. One the day of Michael's death, the internet collapsed,. That includes Twitter, Google , and many others. The news quickly spread online, causing websites to slowdown and crash


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"The Garden" the Worlds Most Famous Arena

Did you know Madison Square Garden is an arena for all events? Madison Square Garden is forty six meters tall. And seats 18,200 people. It opened in 1968 on February 11th. The architect that built Madison Square Garden is Charles Luckman. Madison Square Garden it is owned by Madison Square Garden company. This indoor arena is located in New York City.

Madison Square Garden has held performances for Billy Joel,Green Day, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, and many more. It also held charity events for Hurricane Katrina. It is home to the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers. Has approximately 350 events per year that is about one per day.

This Arena is known as "The Garden" cost roughly 1 .1 billion dollars to construct and renovate over the years. The field in the arena is 820,000 square feet and the theater is 5,600 square feet. When the garden was built they had a special locker room constructed. The locker rooms round so that each player can look into the eyes of their teammates. They also built Madison Square Garden with an ice rink below the basketball court. So the fans can see a basketball game and a hockey game in the same day. Madison Square Garden hosts tons of events, and invites people around the world to come and join.

Top ten songs

1.See You Again

2.Uptown Funk

3.Trap Queen

4.Earned It


6.Love Me Like You Do

7.Shut Up and Dance

8.Thinking Out Loud


10.Want To Want Me


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