Discrimination at work

Examples of discrimination

Tattoo Discrimination

In July Jo Perkins, a consultant in Milton Keynes, had her contract terminated because a 4cm image of a butterfly on her foot contravened the no-visible-inking policy of the firm for which she worked. The company said she had failed to cover it up.

Disability Discrimination

Paul Bailey was diagnosed with diabetes in 2009 and was advised by a doctor to take a "measured approach" at work, which affected his performance. The company said it took "responsibilities for diversity issues very seriously" and it was working with him to reach a "satisfactory outcome". He was offered three months' salary to leave or be placed on an improvement plan
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Accent Discrimination

A recent study from the University of Manchester has suggested that the effects of “accentism” (discrimination against people with regional accents) could be far more widespread and harmful than previously suspected. Reportedly one in three Britons have suffered negative feelings towards themselves, with those with strong regional accents feeling pressurised to “posh up” when talking in the workplace.