Excersise During Pregnancy

By: Rylie Hinds

Both Sides

The good part of exercising while you are pregnant is hat you will more then likely feel better and it will improve all aspects of your pregnancy. The bad side is that you run the risk of over-heating and a heat stroke. This could hurt the baby ad good also harm your health.
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What Mom Says

My mothers opinion is that moderate exercise is beneficial for both other and baby. It will help your mother feel better and it will help you have a speedy recovery after the baby is born. When my mother was pregnant with her last child, she walked every weekday for about 2 miles and she had a healthy delivery and a speedy recovery.
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What I Think

I think that if you moderately exercise when you are pregnant it will greatly improve your pregnancy. I think that you will feel better, have less stress, and have a healthy overall pregnancy.