Friday River Launch

April 19, 2019

The Passing of a Hero

Yesterday I thought about reaching out to Dr. Henry Oster to see how he is doing with his battle with cancer and found out he passed away. I was reading about people who live long, fulfilling lives and I thought of him. One of the keys to a long life is optimism. Dr. Henry Oster was one of the most optimistic and kind souls I have ever met. He shared his story of being a Holocaust survivor to teach students the important lessons of kindness, tolerance, and respect for human dignity. He taught students about the dangers of subtle racist thoughts and actions that turned into national policies of intolerance, hate and murder. How many reasons did Dr. Oster have to be a hardened, bitter soul? Many, but instead he choose hope, kindness and life. When he came to the U.S. he worked hard to become an optometrist, and used his gifts to make his community a better place. He provided free care to families and students in schools, and he shared his survivor story whenever he could. He preached kindness, and modeled it. He was supposed to speak at Rio Norte this Tuesday, he will be with us in spirit. Share kindness and optimism for Dr. Oster this week.


Here is a part of Dr. Oster's story:

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