by: Hallie L. ,Dillon P. ,Megan B. , and Hannah Y.


Chaparrals are located in western part of California, the coast of Chile in the western part of South America, Cape Town in Africa, the mediterranean sea coast, and the western part of Australia. Chaparrals is a mixed region involving grasslands, desserts and mountains. This region has hot and dry summers with cool and moist winters. Spring and fall are usually a mix of cold and warm weather. The average temperature is 46 degrees fahrenheit during the winter and 72 in the summer. Because of the beautiful weather in the fall and spring, many people like to visit the Chaparrals. They even have the opportunity to enjoy walking trials and observe many different types of plants and animals.

Plants and Animals

You will see various plants and animals in Chaparrals around the world. Check this powerpoint out to know what you can expect!

Welcome to chaparrals!

People around the world don't know about Chapparal biome. It is somewhat like a desert but once you pass that you can enjoy the beauty of the Chapparal. The climate is mild and moist, but it's not rainy and in the summer it's very hot and dry. It rain very little in this biome, like 10-20 inches is the average fall, so you won't have to worry about the rain ruining your awesome vacation. In winter, it rains 6.8 inches, in spring it rains about 2.2 inches, in fall it rains 4.3 inches and in the summer it rains 0.2 of an inch of rain. The mountain is a great place to hike, it is 5,000 above sea level, and it is steeply slope. It is worth the hike once you see that great view. The Valleys and the streams are narrowed and widely spaced. In some places you can go swimming where the water is nice enough just to go swimming.

There are some risk going there, such as wild fires. These fires that are dangerous are mostly caused by shortage of water, a sand many types of shrubs and flora are aromatic.They do not happen often, so take a load off, and you must be impress how nature restore itself This biome is mostly covered by shrubs, bushes, and trees. This land has been knowned for their native plants that make a gorgeous sight to the eye. It may be hot a sweaty during your visit so we suggest that you should both long pants, if you hike, and short pants ( with sunscreen of course) if it gets hot.

Chaparral Ecosystem
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Brief Biome explanation

It is very important to know why altitude effects a biome. It can completely effect a biome by climate, temperature, natural disasters and plant and animal adaptations. Many people have noticed plants and animals migrating north because of climate and biological changes, this is an effect of global warming.