The Gringer Gazette

Week of December 14th - 18th


Monday, December 14th - Day 5 - Music

Tuesday, December 15th - Day 6 - Band, Spanish & PE

Wednesday, December 16th - Day 1 - Chorus & Art

Thursday, December 17th - Day 2 - Library

Friday, December 18th - Day 3 - Band & PE

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 21st - Native American Day

Tuesday, December 22nd - Community Circle, Sing-a-long, Class Party

No School December 23rd - January 3rd


Students are continue to read about the Iroquois in reading groups. They are beginning to work on determining the main idea of a text and supporting it with relevant details. Next, they are using this information to write a summary.

In writing, students are using their research notes from last week to write an expository text about Native Americans.


This week students are learning about division. They need to be able to solve division problems with and without remainders. They will also need to be able to solve division word problems with an without remainders.

Social Studies

This week students will focus on the following central idea and lines of inquiry:

Groups/individuals made lasting contributions that transformed the society in which they lived.

  • The understanding of a lasting cultural contribution. (form)
  • Effects of cultural contributions. (Change)
  • Qualities/characteristics of those who made cultural contributions. (Perspective/Causation)

Band Lesson Schedules

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