Weekly Update

Directorate: Skills, Support and Standards - June 15th 2015

Croeso! Welcome to our weekly directorate update of news and information.

All updates will be shared in our google community. Link at bottom of page.

There's just four weeks of this academic term left. Have you booked onto CPD for July and August? If not, click on to the Passport to Success icon on your desktop (username and password as for EBS) and have a look at the courses on offer...

Also, this week the new management structure 2015-2016 will be out on the intranet.

Have a great week!

We won again! Well done to the Basic Skills Team and Success at the NIACE Awards

Four of the twelve learners who won NIACE Adult Learner awards this year were learners at Coleg Cambria. A tremendous achievement for our adult community learning tutors. Well done all, and to Amanda Morgan and Kevern Kerswell for collating the stories and submitting the entries.


Now's the time to get up to date with how Promonitor works. Go into it (using your EBS username and password), search for groups and students, have a play. In September we will be using this for:

  • setting targets, including literacy and numeracy following BKSB assessments
  • concerns and comments about learners to send to other tutors
  • record of absences and attendance
  • recording one to one meetings
  • UCAS references
  • parent reports
  • recording additional learning needs that tutors need to know about

Confidential notes will stay on EBS.

Promonitor brings learning together for learners and tutors. It also enables personalised learning, which is about learners developing their own individual skills at their own pace via effective target setting, which enables them to understand what they need to do next to improve. Estyn will be very keen to see how we're doing this, and we need to be embedding this consistently across all learning, including all English and Maths classes.

If you need help using Promonitor, ask your Deputy Director/ Manager to arrange a training session.

New UCAS Process

There have been amendments to the UCAS processes for 2015-2016, with UCAS references being completed by tutors on Promonitor and Personal Tutors taking more responsibility for checking the UCAS form and uploading tutor references onto it. Full details of the process and timelines can be found in this document: UCAS Application Process

Induction September 2015

Induction will take place over two days:

  • Thursday September 3rd - all Level 3s
  • Friday September 4th - all Level 2 and below

Inductions will be one day sessions, focussing on getting to know learners, developing their aspiration about where their course could lead them and settling them into College. Only AS Level learners will do a two day induction, with the Friday given over to BKSB assessments.

Induction Arrangements for Full Time Learners 2015-2016

Initial assessments will be BKSB (not WEST) for September and these will take place in Maths and English classes for those undertaking them, and in vocational classes where there is no set Maths or English class planned in.

Team Updates

Each week we will focus on a Directorate team to share an update.

Quality Team Update

This is the busiest time of year for the Quality Team, as every July the team have to submit the College's self-assessment report or SAR to Welsh Government. From March to May the team have been working with all curriculum areas to develop subject level self-assessment, and have now been through a series of subject area and whole College data validation panels with governors to ensure that the College's self-assessment is accurate and robust. Everyone has been very impressed by the Dynistics Dashboard, which is being used to enable us to have snapshots of data, which can be cut from whole College to directorates and individual students and courses, and has been brilliant in helping us chase down unknown outcomes this year.

Next year we will be inspected, so the hard work of Clwyd Jones, Quality Manager, and his team of analysts and data developers is greatly appreciated!

Carys Davies

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