American Civil Rights Movement

soundtrack by: Jordan Spears

What is it about?

The civil rights movement was a mass popular movement to secure for African Americans equal access to and opportunities for the basic privileges and rights of U.S. citizenship. Although the roots of themovement go back to the 19th century, it peaked in the 1950s and 1960s. Freedom songs were a way of life during the Civil Rights Movement. The songs contained many meanings for all participants. Songs could embody sadness, happiness, joy, or determination among many other feelings. Freedom songs served as mechanism for unity among the black community during the movement. The songs also served as a means of communication among the participants when words just were not enough.

"A Change Is Gonna Come"- Sam Cooke

I chose this song because during the civil rights movement African-Americans at the time people were just looking for a change in the time of struggle and racism. They just wanted a change from all the discrimination from others and they just wanted to get along with each other.
A Change Is Gonna Come, Sam Cooke, 1963

"Aint Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around" by The Roots

I chose this song because it really grabbed the attention of the nation to address the severity of segregation.
The Roots - Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around

"When will we be paid" by The Staple Singers

I chose this song because it talks about African- Americans working and not getting paid enough for all they have done for this country. This songs expresses words for all those working back in the 60's when pay was very little for anyone working.
The Staple Singers - When Will We Be Paid

"Get Up Stand Up" by Bob Marley

I chose this song because he talks about standing up for your rights and you can never give up the fight because if you don't no one else will do it for you.
Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up [HQ Sound]

Bob Dylan- "The Times Are Changing"

I used this song because Bob Dylan talks about the times are changing for everyone and what's happening now will be in the past and we need to be strong and courageous for one another through these hard times.
Bob Dylan The Times They Are A Changin' 1964

"Alright" by Kendrick Lamar

I chose this song because it gives meaning to me saying that whatever we go through we truly will be alright from whatever we go through in hard times.