How we communicate on the internet?

By Patrick Johnson


There are two different types of emails POP3 and IMAP4.


POP3 is a protocol for emails. However you have to forcefully push the emails to download it to your device. The advantages of POP3 is that it doesn't use internet so cost are lower. However the disadvantages are that you have to wait for you to get connection to the internet to open your emails.


IMAP4 automatically pushes your emails to your phone and will get a notice as soon as you get the email. IMAP4 is good because it allows the user to access their emails at all times and is ideal for important business men so they can contact them as soon as possible. However the disadvantages of IMAP4 is that it uses up a lot of data to put the email on your phone and you need 3G to use IMAP4.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is real time communication over the internet between two or more people that enables a ‘virtual’ conversation. IM is in real time. There are lots of advantages like that it is quick and easy to communicate and is in real time. also people can work collaboratively by participating it group chats and is ideal for business. This can be accessed through smart phones, PDAs and other portable devices so it is easy to use. However there are disadvantages towards using instant messaging for example you need to be able to access the internet. also having a slow connections can cause problems with it being real time and cause latency. Also by using instant messaging it apparently deceases your English ability.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VOIP is similar to IM but uses sound rather than text, just like a telephone call but over the internet. There are advantages to using it as it is free if your internet access is unlimited and therefore your phone bill will be nothing as you don't have to pay for it. Also by using VOIP you are able to show emotion and your voice will have tone and people won't mistake you for other emotions. However you need internet access to be able to use. Also having a slow connections can cause problems with it being real time and cause latency and if you need to call 999 if you they wont know where you are as there is no geographical number.

Social Networking

Online communities where people come together and make contact with each other through chat, messaging, video, images etc. It is good to use as you can connect to many at once and it is free and can share personal information and customize your own personal space. However you need internet access and privacy issues as people can hack you and find out personal information.



Voice over Internet Protocol to make telephone calls over the internet


The time delay between the moment something is sent or said and the time it takes to be heard or seen


Internet service provider e.g. virgin, BT etc

Real Time

The actual time that something is happening, there and then


Third generation wireless for mobile data.