Liberty Academy Newsletter

May 11, 2016

Finals are coming right up!

Please note that finals are the week of May 16th and ARE NOT OPTIONAL. Parents should avoid scheduling anything for their student that takes them out of the building during finals time. If your student MUST be absent, the reason for the absence must be submitted in advance for approval (CLICK HERE FOR THE ABSENCE FORM).

You will find the finals schedule HERE.

Design Challenge Showcase!

All parents, please come join us on May 18th, from 1:30-2:30, as our students work to explain, defend, and showcase their design challenge. Our kids have teamed up with 7 different companies to try and learn more about different careers and the creative tasks involved with each. We know they don’t tell you much which is why we’d love you come up and join us.

Upcoming Math Exams!

Algebra 2 students will take a quiz on Thursday, May 12th over graphing and solving radical functions (sections 6.5-6.5), and their FINAL quiz will be over graphing exponential functions on May 19-20th.
Geometry students will take their FINAL quiz over the Pythagorean Theorem on May 19-20th.

A quick message from Ms. Smith

Comm Arts I and II Students: Remember to stay current on assignments and finish strong. Have a great rest of the semester!

Summer School DATE CHANGE!

Originally the district had listed the 2016 Summer School dates as June 2nd - June 29th. THESE DATES HAVE CHANGED!
Summer School is now scheduled for June 1st - June 24th.
Please update your calendars!

Important Graduation Information!

Both high schools now have their graduation information available online. If you are graduating, please check out your site NOW!
Liberty High Graduation SITE.
Liberty North High Graduation SITE.

Seniors who are NOT graduating...

If you have a non-graduating senior, they attend school until May 23rd. They are NOT granted senior early-release. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Streu at

Laptop information:

As the end of the year approaches we would like to remind everyone of a few things regarding the student devices. All devices will be turned in at the end of the year and all returning students will receive their same device in the fall. If your child is attending summer school they will also receive the same device they are using now.

The devices for seniors will be inspected and claims filed as needed. If you have outstanding claims we do ask that you try to resolve those as soon as you can. If you have a device that needs repaired have your child let the classroom teacher know so the claim process can be started. We will not be thoroughly examining devices that will be returned to the same user in the fall. They should expect to receive the device in the same condition that it was turned in. Over the summer claims will be filed for any issues we do find and if you have any questions over the summer please contact the help desk at 736-7078.

Thank you.

Trey Katzer
Director of Technology

Summer Sports Camps

Liberty North and Liberty High School are committed to the development of student athletes. It is the intention of our staff to provide quality instruction to all camp participants. All of our camps teach fundamentals and sportsmanship while exposing campers to sports strategies, challenges and skill development, all while having a great experience! Liberty North camps registration HERE. Liberty High camps registration HERE.