Kobe, Japan Earthquake

Dagi mutuku, Ryan Drewa, and Jason Lee

kobe japan earthquake

It happened in japan on janauray 17 1995 ,mangitued of 6.9 and killed about 6434 people.the tremor lasted for about 20 seconds and the focus of the earthquake was 16km under the epicenter,on the northen end of the awaji islands.

The main places that the earthquake effected were Nada-ku, Hagashinada-ku, Nagata-ku, Asinya, Hyogo-ku, Hishinomiya


About 6,434 died and 4,600 of them were from Kobe since it was the closest to the epic center. Kobe was hit by the strongest tremors.It was the 2nd strongest earthquake japan had in the 20th century.it cause $10 trillion yen or $100 billion to repair damage.there 4 aftershocks with the strongest after shock coming at 3.7.It ruined 150,000 buildings ,destroyed 1,km of a express and fires which ranged over large portions of the city.Destruction of the electric supply.People were afraid to go home because of the aftershocks.



both citizens and specilastist lost faith in techongly of their early warning system and earthquake construction techiquakes.the government was crictized