Scat Final Project

Tori Kopischke


by: Carl Hiaasen

This book is fiction

About the Book

The setting starts out in a classroom where there very own teacher of Nick and Marta Mrs. Starch teaches. The tone of the book goes from very happy at times to also very sad and depressed but over all I found the tone right where I like it. The mood of the book consist of very happy and people who look on the bright side to people who are very mad and fall the way the cookie crumbles.

A short summary of the book: Nick and Marta are very curious students with a large appetite of nosiness. One day when there teacher and another student go missing after a fire they want to solve the mystery and find them. Clue by clue they get closer to finding out where they might be. but will they ever find them.......

About the Author and Characters

The theme/big idea of the story is to entertain the audience reading the book and to have a good time while finding the meaning of the word "scat" in the book.

Marta- curious little girl who isn't afraid to speak whats on her mind

Nick- A boy who has gone through a lot but once he puts his mind to something there is no stopping him

Mrs. Starch- actually a nice and caring teacher who will do anything for here students

I think that these three would make a good team together because deep down they are all the same and they all strive to accomplish what the want in life.

I would give this book a thumbs up! I would recommend reading this book because it is full of mystery that makes you wanna read more aslo full of action tht makes you wanna jump up a scream when you have to stop.