June Team Newsletter

Jennifer Roets

Fall 2014

Fall Product Premiere - Now what?

I hope you were all able to view the quick video on TOT earlier this week with some great stuff that will be coming out for fall. It's very exciting, but I also wanted to talk about how to handle our excitement and not jump ahead too far and forget about summer.

Thirty-One knows that you need time to familiarize yourself with new products. . . get to know their names, features, price points, etc. Usually, for the Fall, this is done at our National Conference in mid/late July. However, with TWO National Conferences this year, Thirty-One felt it would be best to do a Fall Product Premiere online, for all to see “at the same time”, so it’s a little earlier than usual. I love that they thought of this!

However, ladies, we still have almost 2 full months to sell from the SUMMER Catalog along with 2 AMAZING Customer Specials!. My advice is to keep the new catalog, new products and new prints under wraps. If you feel that by sharing it you will book a party, then share it only with that customer. Tell her the catalog is not “out" yet, and that if/when she books a party, you will include a few with her hostess packet. If you want to drop sneak peaks and hints - just like a TV commercial to get your customers excited about what's coming - wait until mid-August.

Overall, continue to SELL what is right in front of you. What you earn income on right now is the Summer Catalog and again, we still have 2 months to sell from it. . . don't let that slip by you! I'm of the mindset that instead of booking parties too many months in advance, book them now, and then you will book parties off of those to fill that future calendar!

Upcoming Ready, Set, Sell Incentive

I love incentives that Thirty-One provides us. . . they always set us up for success when a new catalog rolls around! Book those parties now and get them submitted between August 1st & 15th to get your hands on NEW Fall products and prints!!! You can check out some of it below. . .

Add-On Kit

In addition to the Ready, Set, Sell Incentive, you can get an add-on kit with other Fall products for only $31! This is an awesome deal, so I highly recommend taking advantage of it.

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Party Plan Success

I did want to share with you that I was able to get my hands on an awesome book from one of my favorite direct sales trainers, Shari Hudspeth. I included description of the book below, but just reach out, and I'd be happy to get you one. Love it!

Whether you are brand new to the party plan business or a veteran with an established business, this is the ONLY book you'll need to excel in the business!

  • Get started the easy way
  • Get your first bookings and keep them going
  • Coach your hostesses effectively
  • Use booking language that works with today's direct selling professionals
  • Develop a plan for your business
  • Recruit easily, comfortably, and effortlessly
  • Give a great presentation at your parties
  • Work in an organized and efficient way for best results

Team News


Congrats to those who have worked hard on jumpstarting your businesses and earning StartSwell Levels!!!

Amanda Julson - Level 2

Sarah Hanna - Level 2

Danielle Frederick - Level 3

June Sales

$2000 Club

Danielle Frederick $2002

$1000 Club
Melissa Derksen $1,148

Sara Hanna $1,067

Diane Barnes $1,034

$500 Club

Amanda Julson $790

Jennifer's Stats

Personal Volume $7,820
Parties 17

Party Average $460

Team Stats
Total Team Sales $16,219

Total Parties 34 - AMAZING!!!

Party Average $477

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