Blizzard Bags

Timberlane Regional High School

What is a Blizzard Bag?

A blizzard bag is work that teachers assign through email on a snow day. If 80 percent of the entire district completes there blizzard bags, then the snow day will count as a snow day and it will not have to be made up at the end of the year. Each teacher sends an email to their students, and students are expected to complete each blizzard bag from each teacher.


I am against the idea of blizzard bags, only because I don't think they aren't very efficient for a snow day. If we were expected to be out of school for a week or two, I think they would be helpful but for a single day, I think they're just busy work. Especially considering we have up to 48 hours to complete the assignments given to us, most kids won't do the work until after the snow day has already ended. If these were to be completely efficient, they would directly relate to what we are doing in class, or maybe even what we would have done if we had had school that day. The last blizzard bags I had seemed to be just busy work. Also, different teachers give different work loads, some giving out blizzard bags which directly correlate to what we are going over in class, and some don't. I think maybe once we become more used to the blizzard bags, they might change my outlook. To other school districts, I think it would be more beneficial to just add the day onto the end of the school year, so that a day is not completely revolved around busy work that, to be honest, a lot of students will not complete.

TImberlane Regional High School