O2 GROW Experience 2014

Convention 2014 Recap

Are You READY????

I can't begin to explain what an absolutely inspiring and awakening experience the 2014 Origami Owl National Convention was. The feeling of so many women (and men... or MOO's) in one space all driving themselves towards their goals, being a Force For Good, and the emotional we all immediately had with each other was palpable. Team mates of ours that we have never met face to face, and only seen a tiny picture over Facebook have become some of the people I have spoken to most in the last 10 days. I can't wait to share everything we experienced with you, from the New Product Releases to the fun Photo Booths, and Break Out Sessions!

***This newsletter will give an overview and highlights of some Break Out Sessions. However, it will include more of new products, and new benefits specifically for Origami Owl Designers! I will be publishing individual newsletters for the breakout sessions that Martha and I attended. We want to make sure you get ALL of the info and not just a little snippet of what we learned!

Starting the Journey!

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It's so crazy that this company we partner with was all started with a dream for a car! My story with Origami Owl may have started with the need for some extra money to cover bills, but this convention was the catalyst I needed to reinvent myself and my WHY!

And it all started with a plane ride with little pink Olive the Owl.....

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LOVE from The Nest

This is the first thing we saw once we came into the warehouse... mind you this was after exiting the bus into a dance party that made us FEEL the aura of The Nest and how much they LOVE us and what they do. This wall is constructed from delivery boxes and was designed by the warehouse workers!

Lets take the tour...

{Welcome SWAROVSKI Crystals to the O2 Family}





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YEP that's right, selfies with Bella and Chrissy! Without these two ladies I wouldn't be where I am today and I am sure you feel the same. Their inspiration and love for our businesses and personal well being is palpable and Martha and I were so lucky to meet them!!!

So tell me... Where will you GROW??

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