The mighty new freedom man

Woodrow Wilson

Mighty Man's contribution to the nation

Wilson can reintroduce real competition to the marketplace

He can destroy monopolistic economic trusts

He can lower the ferocious tariff

He can also make a press conference in a very civilized manner

Consumer Destroyer (Trusts)

-The Vicious Destroyer hides accountability

-He will take over all the prices and demolish them

-He will allow no competitive pricing

-He will avoid government

-He will have a lack of substitute goods

Trust breaker Tarbell

Breaking down the trusts and its mighty force

Tarbell’s attack on the Standard Oil brought about the downfall of the nation’s biggest trust.

Together, Wilson and Tarbell broke down the strong forces of the trusts by gaining control over the public's opinion.

The Aftermath

Wilson and Tarbell influenced society and public opinion with their way with words and the fact that Tarbell was a female. They both were able to pick up everyone's opinion and influence theirs on them and gain fans.