Ellis County Outreach

Est. 1990

What is this organization about?

Ellis County Outreach has been helping families in need since 1990. This outreach serves approximately 100 families a month in the 75154 and 75125 zip codes, providing them with a two week supply of food. 32 of these families include senior citizens.
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Why was this started?

The Ellis County outreach was started by a group of people in 1990 that desired to find a solution to local hunger. They discovered that if they limited those that they helped to two zip code communities, then they could provide them with an adequate amount of food. This has led to the crackdown of hunger and other needs in the community as well, making the lives of families much easier and happier.

Testimonials from those who have been helped:

" I have the Ellis County Outreach to thank for helping me at a truly humbling time in my life. It's a blessing to have a organization like this there to help when no one else will. My children and I are forever thankful." -Terry Williams

"This Organization has done more for me than just giving me food when I was hungry, and clothes on my back when I had none. They prayed with me when I had no one left and helped me more than I could ever imagine." -Anonymous Recipient

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How has ECO influenced the community?

Ellis County Outreach has made a huge impact on the community by going beyond their first main goal of eliminating hungry residents. First operating out of private homes, churches, and garages, ECO's impact was very limited. Their lack of resources severely influenced their ability to provide for those in need. In the late 90's, ECO merged with another social service organization: Red Oak Area Outreach. Now with a broader base and intertwined resources, both groups continued to serve the needs of the community.

Currently, they have won over the confidence and trust of a donor base that includes approximately 25 churches, individual donors, the TXU Energy Assistance Program and the North Texas Food Bank. 100% of every single donation goes directly to benefit the recipients who seek assistance from the agency. The Pennies from Heaven thrift store operated by Ellis Country Outreach finances administrative costs and expenses.

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How has ECO transformed things for Ellis County?

Ellis County residents have everything to thank ECO for. Their communal impact has been unprecedented, as they have assisted 1000's of local residents with a variety of needs. As the community has blessed ECO with many resources, they have been enabled to provide for the numerous needs that they do. With statistics like the thrift store's 2009 gross income of $257,000, ECO is proved to be an organization worthy of accolades for help in the community. ECO reserves a special place for donors and volunteers who participate in their mission.