Educational Leadership

Purpose, People and Passion

Anna-Marie Boulding



I believe that it is our moral imperative to ensure that all children have the opportunity to succeed in our school system. It is my mandate to set the bar high so that students strive to attain their highest potential. The same holds true for our teachers!

One can not presume to have high expectations without the appropriate scaffolding to cushion both students and teachers in their efforts to innovate. It is crucial that improvement strategies are intertwined in this process and that all learners are empowered with the necessary skills to meet and exceed expectations.

When learning is presented in a way that it unlocks puzzles, rather than further puzzling students, it is received with ‘aha’ moments. Inquiry inspires learners to unlock mysteries. These mysteries are not secrets owned by an intellectual minority. Rather, learners need to know that this knowledge is accessible to all, especially those who are able to ‘think out of the box’ and come at problem-solving from an open mindset.

Learners must be challenged to think and pursue their own solutions in order that they feel confident to risk independent and collaborative inquiry in our fast-paced, ever-changing world. They need to see themselves reflected in the curriculum and they need to feel valued for their success and set-backs. As Tony Wagner states in his commentary, schools intent on graduating all students innovation-ready have created a learning environment necessitating "collaboration in the classroom because they understand that innovation is a team sport". This is the culture of learning and spirit of inquiry that I would strive to foster for my school.


Adapted from Michelle Mayers' Every child, every opportunity, no expections.


For the professional learning community to be one of continuous inquiry and improvement, all stakeholders must share a vision of working and learning collaboratively. As a school leader, my challenge will be to kindle expertise, empower and inspire teachers. Inspiring experienced teachers to entertain change includes recognizing and honouring their talents, strengths and contributions. Relationships are about mutual respect and recognition.

I still have a great deal to learn about courageous conversations. Strong leaders need to make decisions that don't always please everyone. It is my hope that I will be seen as one who makes decisions with integrity and the primary purpose of putting kids first. I will need to be honest, authentic, humble, and be quick to admit my mistakes (of which there are sure to be many...daily). I hope these traits will serve me well in terms of inspiring trusting relationships. I will lead by example, with the knowledge that the 'answer is in the room' and that it is just about asking the right questions.


I am passionate about teaching and I am a lifelong learner. I believe in public education where all students have the opportunity to access a rigorous curriculum and I am inspired to question and seek reform. I am keen to share my enthusiasm and to collaborate with students, teachers and parents alike.

Education is by far the most noble of professions. I am at a turning point in my career and I feel that all of my life experiences up to this point have prepared me for an opportunity to extend my learning and place myself in the service of others in a different domain with the opportunity to have more broad-reaching impact.

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