3 February 2022

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Dear Parents and Staff

Welcome back to the new school year which, in many ways, looks to be shaping up to be similar to the last two years. Whilst we need to do all that we can to minimise the effects of the Covid-19 virus, it appears that the way forward will be more about living with it rather than eliminating it. How we handle situations related to school is determined by governmental regulations and directions from Catholic Education WA. However, there is some scope for us to work within these parameters by limiting the possibility that we have large numbers of our staff infected at the same time, thus compromising the operation of our school which would impact directly on all our families. We have implemented the following to alleviate the possibility of all of our staff being in close proximity at the same time:

  • Our Staff Professional Development days last Thursday and Friday were conducted via Teams with Year level staff working together as necessary.
  • Our staff was to attend a Commissioning Mass in the Parish last Saturday evening. This event was cancelled to avoid the possibility of group exposure.
  • The Opening School Mass was not held yesterday morning with Liturgies in the classrooms replacing this.
  • For the foreseeable future, Assemblies will be live streamed to classes with only the parents of children presenting the Assembly invited to attend.

Most parents will be aware of the situation at Winterfold Primary School when the staff attended a Professional Development day together last Friday, with over 50 staff deemed to be close contacts and needing to quarantine for 14 days. This would be devastating for any school, and we are trying to avoid a situation that may lead to the closure of our whole school due to the inability to find appropriate staff. I trust that you will support us, and you always have, in our endeavours to keep our school as safe as possible and in a position to maintain consistency of education for both you and your children.

Whilst, at this stage, it is not a requirement that parents and caregivers of our children are vaccinated, I ask that you remember to, correctly wear a face mask while at school, appropriately social distance and maintain a high level of hygiene practices.


The decision has been made by the Leadership Team, after consultation with the School Advisory Council to offer swimming lessons to the children from Pre-Primary to Year Three only. This decision has been made for the following reasons:

  • We believe the school has a commitment to provide the opportunity for children to gain competence in being water safe and that after four years of lessons this should be the case. We don’t believe it is our responsibility to provide continuing opportunities for children to improve swimming technique or to achieve swimming levels.
  • Whilst the actual swimming lesson is of approximately 40 minutes duration, the time in getting to the pool and returning adds significantly to this. We are also not able to stipulate the time of day of the lessons which means that children may not be at their optimum when new concepts need to be taught and reinforced in class. Some children will be able to cope with this but there are many who don’t.
  • The educational curriculum in schools is very crowded and it is difficult for staff to cover all aspects of this within an increasingly busy year. Therefore, the decision to not have swimming lessons beyond Year 3 is to alleviate some of these difficulties.

Whilst I acknowledge that many of the children find the lessons to be a lot of fun, it is my belief that the time that they take away from the delivery of the curriculum outweighs this and does not allow staff to provide the best overall learning opportunities for the children.


I look forward to hearing the speeches from our prospective Faction Captains tomorrow morning. I thank them, and their families, for the time and effort they have put into preparing their speeches and wish them all the best. Obviously not all students can be elected to these positions but there will be many opportunities throughout the year for them to develop and display their leadership qualities within the school community.


Unless there are significant changes in the next week or so, the Year Six Camp to Albany will go ahead. This is a wonderful opportunity for these children to develop their independence throughout the week of great learning experiences and to build rapport with their teachers. Mrs Boyle and I look forward to joining the students from Wednesday to Friday to join in the fun and excitement of this not to be forgotten event.


It was great to see so many of our new 4 Year Old Kindy parents at morning tea after dropping off their children on Monday morning. It was difficult to determine whether the looks on their faces were of apprehension or relief. Thank you to the P&F for, again, facilitating this opportunity for these parents to join together as their children begin their educational journey at our school.


I’m looking forward to meeting with parents next Friday evening for the annual P&F Market Night. The details of the event may be found in the flyer in the P&F section of the newsletter and in the many communications that have been sent to families electronically.

The staff will again be selling their amazing beef rolls from the canteen so come along to the canteen if you’d like a taste sensation for a very reasonable price.

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Year 3 Reconciliation Commitment Mass

Saturday 26 February at 6.00pm

Sunday 27 February at 10.00am

Year 3 Reconciliation Parent/Child Workshop

Thursday 10 March at 6.00pm

Year 3 Reconciliation

Thursday 17 March at 6.00pm


Year 4 Eucharist Commitment Mass

Saturday 14 May at 6.00pm

Sunday 15 May at 10.00am

Year 4 Eucharist Parent/Child Workshop

Thursday 19 May at 6.00pm

Reconciliation for Year 4 Eucharist candidates

Wednesday 8 June at 9.45am

Wednesday 15 June at 9.45am

Year 4 First Holy Communion

Saturday 18 June at 6.00pm

Sunday 19 June at 10.00am


Year 6 Confirmation Commitment Mass

Saturday 6 August at 6.00pm

Sunday 7 August at 10.00am

Year 6 Confirmation Parent/Child Workshop

Thursday 4 August at 6.00pm

Reconciliation for Year 6 Confirmation candidates

Wednesday 10 August at 9.45am

Wednesday 17 August at 9.45am

Year 6 Confirmation

Saturday 20 August at 6.00pm

Stefanie Bradshaw

Assistant Principal



In accordance with the Catholic Education WA Ltd policy the school provides considerable assistance with payment of school fees. A reminder to all Health Care Card (HCC) holders that discount applies to the HCC holder only. This discount is applied to tuition fees, amenities and building levy charges. All other school fees are payable. HCC holders are requested to complete a form available at reception and present your current Health Care Card by Friday 11 February 2022.


As part of the school’s publicity activities, situations may occasionally arise when the school, Catholic Education of WA (CEWA) or local media will need to take photographs and or video footage of Notre Dame children for publication in newspapers, CEWA documents, training videos and or the CEWA website. This also includes images taken during school performances, activities and sporting events. Permission forms have been distributed to each student yesterday and we ask that you sign and return them by FRIDAY 11 February. Thank you to all the parents who have already sent the Permission forms.


The canteen relies on the help of volunteers, if you are able to help on any of the following dates in February please leave your details with Kayleen at the canteen on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. We appreciate any time you can offer even half an hour makes a huge difference.

MON: 7th WED: 9th FRI: 11th

MON: 14th WED: 16th FRI: 18th

MON: 21st WED: 23rd FRI: 25th

MON: 28th

Thank you for your support.

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen Co-ordinator


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Enrolments 2022

Interviews for enrolments for Year 7 2025 students are being conducted this Semester for sisters of current and past Mercedes students. If you have not enrolled your daughter, please contact our Enrolments Officer, Nicole Kirk, on 9323 1340 or enrol online via the College website at as soon as possible.

Open Morning 2022

Mercedes College Open Day | Tuesday 15 March

Located in the heart of Perth’s beautiful heritage precinct, Mercedes College are proud to be opening its gates for prospective families. The tour provides an opportunity for parents to hear from the Senior Leadership Team and enjoy a tour of College grounds and facilities led by some of our Student Representative Leaders.

There are two sessions on offer: 8:30am-10.30am or 11am-1pm. Both sessions conclude with some light refreshments and the opportunity to speak with some of our Teachers. Please register via the College website. Limited places available;