Martha Marquéz

Mexican, University Professor

Moving Day

Moved from Florida to Texas! Husband and I are excited to be in our new home.
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It's Time To Work

Came here to continue my research over the borderlands.
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Going to start teaching at the University of Texas Brownsville with two employees,who by the way are my best friends from high school!!

Dinner Night

My husband and I went out to eat at Mi Pueblito for Dinner's night out, and it was sooo much fun. The place was designed so gorgeous, vibrant colors everywhere which showed the pride the owners took in their Mexican culture. The people working at the restaurant were really nice and had such happy vibes. #MexicanCulture #NightOut
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"It takes a lot for me to give a restaurant five stars. This was by far the best Mexican food I had. The fajitas Guadalajara come in a stone bowl of deliciousness and the punta de la filete mexicana was out of this world. Queso came in a sizziling bowl and the fajita bread was small but amazing." -yelp review from the restaurant.

Friday Fun Day

Resaca de la Palma Alta State Park is our destination for this weekend. This park will be such a good experience because it will give me a chance to engage more with the environment and get a grasp of the landscape about the area.

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What Is a Cultural Anthropologist ?

The other night I was searching up articles about cultural anthropologists and I came across this article that went into detail about what a cultural anthropologists is. I thought it was really educational and I wanted to share it with you guys :)


Since I'm all about culture I wanted to buy a piece of furniture from India. I was browsing through the internet and I came across a maharajah sofa that was carved finely and was perfectly stylish for the living room.
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My thoughts about the U.S. and Mexico border wall is that President Donald Trump should be more open-minded about the acceptance of other cultures. I get that having millions of immigrants migrating from other countries isn't coming to halt, but kicking out those who had done no wrong from the country is not okay. I believe it will be great to understand and learn about the Mexican, Salvadoran, Honduran, Guatemalan, or any kind of culture.

A New Piece of Art

I was going through Instagram when I stumbled across a page that has images over artificial artifacts from all over the world. I immediately followed that page because come on, who would not like to learn or see the different arts there is from one place to another.

Sarah Franklin

I just followed one of my greatest role model on Facebook ! Sarah Franklin is also an anthropologist like me she has done some incredible research over the social and cultural dimensions on reproductive and genetic technologies.


Clothes are a ladies best friend, but it can also be a struggle to find the right fit for any situation. A website called "Anthropologie" helped me plan out outfits without worrying because this website has not only have a good style but it is also so comfortable to wear. I travel a lot so this feature is important to me and to many other anthropologists. Whether you are an anthropologist or not you will fall in love with this website either ways.