Welcome to the New O2

Do you have the courage to Dream?

Welcome to The New O2

Hello, I am Carla New, Senior Director with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. You are receiving this newsletter because you are one of my personally sponsored designers

It's a entirely new O2 and now its time for an entirely new you! So, here is my challenge to you. Please reply to this quick message letting me know three things:


1) Please tell me that you found the courage to dream and have taken the first step toward your dream by writing down one goal that will lead in the direction of your dream.

Storybuilder or Owlchiever?

2) Let me know how I can help you? Are you focused on selling and Storybuilder or Building a Team and earning Owlchiever?

Vital Behaviors
3) Confirm you have downloaded the Vital Behavior tracker and have committed to make TODAY your first day of never missing a day of inviting, wearing and personal development.http://bit.ly/vitalbehaviortracker

Who's first?

You can send me a a message via facebook or you may send an email to carlanew06@yahoo.com

I look forward to hearing from you!!

You may reply to this email or you may reach me via phone at 614-859-5859 or 949-478-3359

If you are in area where a Soar Saturday is being held, be sure to attend. Here is a link that shows the meeting locations http://o2incentives.com/soar-saturdays-are-coming/

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Carla New, Independendent Designer/Senior Director Origami Owl

I am Carla New, Independent Origami Owl Designer/Senior Director. I have a passion for training and development and look forward to following you on your Origami Owl journey. Please be sure to use your mentor as your first point of contact when you have questions, comments and concerns. She is happy to assist you. If she does not know the answer, she is encouraged to reach up to her mentor for support.
I may be reached by phone at 614-859-5859 or 949-478-3389 and by email at carla@designalocket.com