The Granola Guy

Your "go to guy" for fresh all natural snacks!

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Hey! It's The Granola Guy!!!

The Granola Guy distributes fresh, all natural snack foods to retailers in the Western U.S. and in the future, will offer these same incredible products through our secure, easy to use Online Store
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Our Awesome Products and Partners

The Granola Guy offers unique all natural snack foods to: Fine Resorts, Spa and Golf Courses; Specialty and Gourmet Food Markets; Niche Cafes and Neighborhood Coffee Shops. Look for The Granola Guy in your favorite venue!!!

Can't find AZ Trail Co Snacks at your favorite store?

Be sure to ask your AZ retail store to carry local AZ products, as many are happy to bring in products requested by customers. Thank you for your support!

Ready to order?

The Granola Guy provides unique delicious snack products through preferred retailers and to consumers through our easy to use online store.


At “The Granola Guy”, we happily donate our time and energy to local charities, benefits, and foundations whenever we can, including these great community projects that we’ve been proud to support in the past. If you have a donation request, please send the details to, type “Donation Request” in the subject line. We typically ONLY make in-kind donations of our snacks.

Check back soon!!!  We are adding new products all the time!!!

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