The Industrial Revolution

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Why Britain was able to start the industrial revolution because

Britain was able to be the first country to participate in the industrial revolution because:

  • Britain's high coal deposits made fuel cheap
  • Britains high population required things like clothing to be mass produced

Summerize how inventions in the cotton industry illustrate the development of the Industrial Revolution.

as the cotton industry in Europe grew larger and larger, so did the cotton producing/weaving machines. they machines were becoming to big to be manned by hand crank and needed a steam engine or a watermill to keep them running. These eventions were

  • The spinning Jenny
  • The Automated Cotton Gin

How did population pressures have an impact on disease, mortality rates, migration, and living standards?

The population in Britain was very high and because of the emerging factories in cities, people began to move to cities for work. All the people who worked for the factories usually lived in very tight, Favela like communities where disease and bacteria grew and festered. All the disease and bacteria that lived among the working class of course raised the mortality rates.


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Please explain the mechanisms that drive capitalism.

Capitalism is based on Profit and competition between companies providing similar services or materials. Businesses may set whatever price they would like to their products but the consumers can make their own decisions on what to buy so they would most likely buy the cheaper product causing the Businesses with the more costly products to have to lower their prices.

Please explain the global effects of Industrialzation especially in Japan and Russia. How did government officials in both countries promote Industrialization?

Industrialization in other countries such as Russia or Japan was not so successful because they were afraid they would loose culture from all the trade that would come from becoming industrial. because of that, Russia and Japan had late starts.