Video Game Addiction

Emily Ditzler, Cara Finkel, Julia Teter, and Taylor Hartline

HTC Vive - Mario Kart: Double Dash!! mushroom cup gameplay (Dolphin vr emulator)

Pro of Video Game Addiction

  • Help improve student’s ability to learn

  • Learn how to work as a team

  • How to delegate and prioritize

  • Have been shown to improve our ability to reason and solve problems

  • Make split-second decisions

  • Process info

  • Multitask

  • Improve hand-eye coordination

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Cons of Video Game Addiction

  • Some studies have shown that video games with high levels of violence could be linked to

    • Fighting

    • Delinquency,

    • Violent criminal behavior

    • Decrease in activity in areas of the brain that control self-control

    • Increase in emotional arousal,

  • Designed to be addictive

  • Used to fill the void created when people are unable to form relationships with people in the “real world”

Classroom Integration

  • Play some learning games

  • Show the consequences of being addicted and screen time

  • Mindful of limiting their screentime

  • Explain that students can use games to learn

  • Board Games/Bingo/Etc.

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Examples of Integration

  • Online educational games

  • Math, reading, science

  • Allowing children to use technology to do projects in class.


  • Treatment Facilities

  • Therapy for children