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Maori Legends

  1. Maui and the giant fish: One day Maui wanted to go fishing with his brothers.Each time his brothers returned he would ask if he could go fishing with them. His eldest brother told him hes to skinny and we might mistake you as bate and throw you over board for the fish to eat. He said I'll prove to them one day how good I am. One day he showed up one day while they where fishing and he went fishing with them and a fish pulled at his line. His brothers told him to cut the line because the fish was to big but he held tight to his line and the giant fish was pulled to the surface. His brothers where in fear and once they returned to shore, he was then called the best fisher ever.

Traditional Maori Religion

Traditional Maori religion is the pre-Europe belief system of the Maori tribe. They believed that all things are connected between their gods (ancestors,) the land, and everything around them. Mondern Maori religion is Christianity, in the early 19th century many Maori's embraced Christianity as their religion. Today in their culture Christian prayer is the expected way to begin and end Maori public meetings. Prayers are also made at the beginning of many new projects and trips.

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Maori Art

Raranga: Raranga is the art of weaving. Women are usually the ones to do the weaving. skilled weavers are prized in their villages.

Carving: Each Maori carving tells a unique story. The stories are passed down from generation through generation. Men where the first Maori carvers in tribes.

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