Mobile Apps for Elementary

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The Brainstormer

The Brainstormer is a mobile app where students can spin the wheel and the app will generate different combinations of plot/conflict style/setting and subject/location, so they can write their very own fictional story. You can also make your own list of settings, plots, conflict, etc. to be scrambled when you spin the wheel.

This tool is a great tool to assist students with brainstorming ideas. Since a lot of students these days may have writers block when attempting to write a story this is a great option that might assist with this issue . You could also put students into groups and give them some time to come up with a fictional story using the elements of the wheel. Once they have compiles their story they could then present it to the class and receive feedback. It would be a fun activity, that would assist with their brainstorming and their writing abilities.

Below I have embedded a video with more information on Brainstormer and how students could use it for educational purposes. Please click the video to watch !

The Brainstormer App

Magic Math

Magic Math is a mobile app where students are provided with different math questions and they must select the correct answer. It helps them learn addition, subtraction and multiplication. One great feature is the fact that this app visually showcases the problem. For example, if the question is 4+5 it will have the problem and below it it will show 4 apples and 5 oranges. It is a great visual cue for visual learners. It also rewards the students with stars as they continuously get better at their addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Magic Math could be used in class instead of math work sheets to practice problems or it could be assigned as homework so students can practice at home. You could also give a reward out every week for the student that has gathered the most stars in every category.

Below i have embedded a video showcasing how to use Magic Math. It provides examples of the actual games that are played in the app, and may help you decide wether this is a tool you would like to use with your students. Please click on the video below to find out more!

Math Magic - iPhone apps for kids


ScreenChomp is a mobile app where students can record themselves telling a story, explaining a problem and using it in many other creative ways. There are also tools that allow students to sketch what they are explaining or the student can upload a pdf and circle or underline concepts that they can explain as they are speaking. They can also share this screencast with anyone they please.

This tool could be used in the classroom as a possible project, where students have to pick and explain a topic using this app. They could write a report and explain the concept , sketch out their topic or maybe even plan a lesson plan as if they are teaching the rest of their fellow classmates.

Below I have embedded a video that tells you about ScreenChomp and all of the features this app has. Please click on the video if you would like to find out more !

What is ScreenChomp? The iPad app to Record. Sketch. Share!

Vocabulary Spelling City

Vocabulary Spelling City is a mobile app that students can use to practice their spelling words . There are different games such as hang mouse, or missing letters that all have to do with spelling. There are also spelling tutorials so the students are able to see how to spell the words and then they can try spelling them on their own.

This would be a great activity to incorporate as a class activity for example. The whole class could try hang man during english, or some of the other activities there are to choose from in order to demonstrate their understanding.

Below I have embedded a video of all the features Vocabulary Spelling City has to offer. It provides a more in-depth look at what the app has to offer and showcases examples you would find in the app itself. Please click the video to find out more!

iPad/iPhone App - VocabularySpellingCity

Read Me Stories

Read Me Stories is a mobile app that students can use to read a different book each day. They can touch the characters to explore the story lines further and the words are highlighted as it is read to them so they can easily follow along.

This would be a great tool for assigning homework. The teacher can assign his or her students to read the story for that day and then have them answer some questions and discuss the characters the next day in class.

BelowI have embedded a video which explains the app more in-depth and its main function. It also showcases they types of stories that students can expect if they had the app. If you want to find out more about this app please feel free to click on the video below!

Read Me Stories - A new book every day!

BRAINtastic Maths Lower Primary

BRAINtastic Maths, is a mobile app that students can use to build their mathematical understanding. It is correlated with the students mathematics curriculum depending on their age range and features learning areas such as: numeration, fractions, space, geometry etc. It has over 2700 different activities students can choose from to enhance their understanding of mathematical topics. This app is based on a reward learning system, where as the students complete their work and increase their understanding, they can unlock reward games to play, which would increase their motivation to learn.

This would be a useful tool that students could use as practice homework or it could be used as an interactive way to teach different math topics within the classroom. The teacher could teach the math concept and then as a class use a couple of the activities on this app to practice their understanding of what they just learned.

Below I have embedded a video to show you what BRAINtastic has to offer. It provides you with the benefits of downloading this app and the different types of activities you can expect to find as well as the different functions of the app itself. Click on the video below if you would like to watch it !

BRAINtastic v2

Squeebles Spelling Test

Squeebles Spelling Test, is an app that children from around 5 to 11 years old. It allows the parents or teachers to set up personalized spelling tests for the students. You can also record the words students need to learn in your own voice. The app also allows you to download preset tests they have created. This app is also created as a reward system and as children complete the words correctly, they unlock games and gain stars.

This could be used as a great homework tool teachers could assign their students. It is a great way to allow parent interaction, where they could help their children learn the words on their spelling list. It provides a different form of interaction with some rewards and additional tools to help students learn to the best of their ability.

Below I have embedded a video of Squeebles Spelling Test. The video allows for a clearer understanding of what the app is for and what it can do. Please click on the video to watch it!

An overview of the Squeebles Spelling Test App