Careers in Geography

The Field of Geography

The field of Geography is a particular branch of the study of Earth's physical features and its atmosphere, and the distribution of living things. It also includes the effects of human activity.

Environmental Consultant Job Description

Environmental Consultants provide services concerning environmental issues. You measure environment contamination, assess management systems, locations for developments of power stations. Also helping clients to design and apply efficient systems. You may be involved in raising organizations for awareness.

Geologist Job Description

Geologists are people that study everything that has to do with the earth. They study the earths crust to collect the accurate visual of the earths inner parts, structure, position and history of the earths land. Geologists work using plans and construction to protect the environments across the earth.

Cartographer Job Description

Cartographers create maps. They use geographic information to analyze geographical data. They produce different types of maps and charts, such as: topological maps, aeronautical charts, natural resource maps, hydrograohic maps and/or nautical charts. They may also create economical maps for data of land use, crime rates, and poverty.