Sour cream and onion chips

By: Katelyn, Jessie, Matt, and Justin


What brand of chips do you prefer out of Lays, Ruffles and Old Dutch sour cream and onion chips?


We did research on all of our products, which were Lays, Ruffles, and Old Dutch. All the chips being sour cream and onion. We went on each company website and gathered some information. Some info we gathered was logo, calories, modifications, Address, the history of the company etc.

A similarity between he three products is that their calories are all under 200. A difference we noticed while testing these products is Lays is more oily than Old Dutch and Ruffles. Lastly, the slogans for each chips were, Ruffflllees got ridges! Quality Lives Here(Old Dutch). Betcha can't just take one!(Lays).



Our Hypothesis was, If we serve Lays, Old Dutch, or Ruffles sour cream and onion chips, than they will like Lays because its the most popular. Our Hypothesis was wrong because Ruffles was the most popular, not Lays. We were surprised to find that Ruffles was the winner because we all thought Lays would be the definite winner, but we were wrong.



1. Buy Lays,Ruffles, and Old Dutch sour cream and onion chips and bring the bags of chips to school

2.Tear open all bags a at a time

3.Tear open napkin package

4.Lay three napkins out and repeat

5.Put one Ruffles chip on a napkin and repeat

6. Put one lays chip on a separate napkin

7.Put one Old Dutch chip on a separate napkin and repeat

8.Use randomize to randomize each set

9.Have tester consume each chip separately

10.Have the consumer fill out the form on the iPad

Materials graph below


We got our data from a Google Doc form that we made. We also made charts and graphs that are right under this. Our data shows that out of about 75 student, and 5 teachers 41.6% voted for Ruffles. So Ruffles was the favorite. Lays had 31.3%, and Old Dutch had 27.3%. Lays was in a pretty close second, but did not exceed the number of votes that Ruffles had.


This is Jacob eating a chip and deciding which chip is better.


This is Hunter, and Max at our station tasting our sour cream and onion chips.


This is Jacob again eating and testing our chips.


Our conclusion is that Ruffles sour cream and onion chips are the favorite snack for 7th grade students (and about 5 teachers) out of Lays, and Old Dutch. We reject our hypothesis because we thought that Lays would be the most popular, but Ruffles were. An error we had was that we blind folded people in the practice taste test, but not for the real one. So that could have messed up some data. I would also like to investigate how they make the chips to see if there is a difference that could make people like their product more.