Environmental Impact

Onid Junior High School

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Staying Green

By cutting down on crude energy sources, we can allow the school to be more self-reliant, produce less waste, and be more environmentally friendly than ever.
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The SolarBotanic Tree

  • SolarBotanic has developed an artificial tree that develops electricity from sunlight, heat, and wind.
  • These trees produce little to no waste, are cost efficient, and develop enough electricity that just one tree can power a four-bedroom home.
  • Multiple of these are be "planted" in the same area, therefore allowing the school to power itself.
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Water Efficiency

  • Using proper water efficiency is very important because it brings down cost and isn't so wasteful.
  • The district landscaping cut's back on unnecessary plants and weeds that absorbs water that can be used for better purposes.

Timers Work!

  • The Onid JHS has timers on sprinklers and other water systems help to make sure plants and other landscape get the proper amount of water and isn't wasteful.
  • Storm-water will also help to water a lot of the plants.
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L.E.E.D Certification

  • The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design [L.E.E.D.] has set guidelines on the different levels that schools can be to be "green," or environmentally friendly.
  • With our new, innovative designs, we've been able to easily gain these certifications.

    The L.E.E.D certification levels:

    • Certified 40 - 49 Points
    • Silver 50 - 59 Points
    • Gold 60 - 79 Points
    • Platinum 80-110 Points

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Onid JHS is Green!

  • Onid JHS has solar panels so as far as energy goes it meets the credits for energy and renewable energy.
  • The JHS sprinklers and waste water system restricts a lot of unnecessary water usage and manages water usage to conserve and still water plants and give proper amount of water to the school at the same time.
  • Since the JHS has solar panels and supply's it with its own energy it is not gaining power from a coal plant or other type of power plants that cause pollution.
  • The Onid JHS takes great advantage of storm water by using it to water plants and trees instead of using their water which would be wasting very valuable resources.
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