Steel Plow

Impact Of Machines On The American Economy And Society

Who Was It Created By?

The Steel Plow was created in 1836 by the blacksmith, John Deere in Grand Detour, Illinois.

How It Works

The steel plow was created for preparing ground much less work. It was a lightweight plow with a steel edge. Older cast-iron plows were designed for the light, sandy soil of New England. The heavy Midwestern soil clung to the bottom of these plow and slowed farmers down, so John Deere created the steel plow.

The Significance of the Steel Plow

The steel plow created a result of more farmers moving to the Midwest for farming to be easier. After the steel plow was created the mechanical reaper and the threshing machine wer created later on. Since the steel plow made farming easier, farmers grew food to feed Northeastern factery workers. Midwestern farmers became a market for Northeastern manufactured goods.
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