By Walter Dean Myers

“Cutting people out of your life is easy, keeping them in is hard.”

(Walter 159)


There is a seventeen year old boy named Greg "Slam" Harris. He is very good at basketball and can be one of those lucky ones that make it to the NBA. In his ninth and tenth grade he went to Carver High School. Carver has mostly black students and is located in the hood of new York in Harlem. He goes to a new school in his eleventh grade year. His new school is a private school field with mostly white students. In his mid season of school his grades aren't looking that great. He knows that he has to bring up his grades in order to play basketball. It's a showdown he can't afford to lose.

Interesting fact to know

Author Walter Dean Myers uses his own Harlem background experience to make a story of a young basketball player coming of age and trying to make it on the unforgiving courts of the city.


-Walter Dean Myers is an Newbery award winning author.

-A winner of The Coretta Scott King award

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Thousands of young teens and young adults read this book through out the country. It tells you how many basketball players around the country did the same thing as Greg "slam".

Note: School work comes before sports because without good grades you wouldn't be able to sports nor get a good job.

Walter Dean Myers Biography

Why is it a good book to read?

This book is good to read because it tells you that you can be the best player at what you do but if your not passing you can't play.The book it shows that just because your failing classes doesn't mean that your can't bring them up. Walter,the author, wants you to not just give up and quite he wants you to go talk with the teachers and get help.

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This book is a good book to read if you are in high school , love basketball, or if you just love reading. If there are any great players at your high school some of them might be doing the same thing "slam" was doing.