The Weekly Surge

December 22, 2015

'Twas the week before Christmas...

And lots of our coworkers are already out celebrating the holidays! We hope those of us still at our desks are able to get caught up during the quiet time. Hey, I know I appreciate it!

The Austin Team is still enjoying celebrating at work. They wore Christmas attire or accessories all week! Team members also had a small potluck on the 17th, which consisted of Shepard’s Pie, Bowtie Spinach Pasta, and more. Sharing the spotlight was baked goods made by staff members. Everyone received a certificate for participating. The group also had a charity drive for Any Baby Can. Read about it below. Thanks to everyone for helping!

The Elgin Team is taking it easy after the big Christmas lunch last week. Thankfully, the work load is busy enough--hope it'll help work it all off!

Send us your holiday decoration photos! Trees, houses, yards, or whatever else you proudly show off during the holidays! These & more can be seen on our private Facebook page, the TRP/HBA Water Cooler. Be sure to join to see all of the pics!

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Christmas Quiz Question for 12-22-15

In the 1983 movie A Christmas Story what was the name of the main bully who harassed Ralphie throughout the film?

Please email your answer to by Monday, Dec 28th. Thanks and good luck!

The traditional answer to last week's question "Why was Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas written and what is the hidden meaning of the song?" is...

It was a code for outlawed English Roman Catholics to teach children their catechism in 16th Century under persecution. The Partridge in the Pear Tree: Christ on the Cross. For the rest of the code and more information, please log-on to our private company Facebook page the TRP/HBA Water Cooler.

Congrats to all who got it right! Nice job!
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Employee Spotlight For This Week

This week our employee spotlight turns to Greg Andrews in Elgin, IL.

Here's what he tells us about himself:

My Role: Customer Service which includes: Sales, Product Management, Customer Tech Support, Engineering.

Job Likes: Never-ending variety, daily challenges, growing the business.

Outside Work: Camping, hiking, traveling, reading, home DIY projects.

Length of Employment: Almost six years.

Favorite Food(s): Red Wine (which is made from grapes, grapes are a food, therefore this qualifies as a favorite-food).

Vanilla or Chocolate: Ben & Jerry.

If You Could Be A Superhero, What Super Powers Would You Want To Have:

Ability to predict the future.

Thank you Greg Andrews, for all that you do to support the efforts of the Hubbell Lighting Components Business Team!

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Don't Forget About Joining The TRP/HBA Water Cooler On Facebook

We've got more pics to share! Please join our Private Group the TRP/HBA Water Cooler. No one outside the group can see what's shared there, it's just for us. All Elgin and Austin TRP and HBA employees are invited. Click the link to join, and our MarCom team will admit you!
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