Child Labor in Factories

19th century England by:Jordan Floyd

Jobs Children Did in Factories

  • Jobs children did in factories included matchmaking, textile mills, and hat making
  • Factory owners saw children as cheap labor
  • The normal work week was monday through sunday, 6 a.m to 8 p.m
  • children would be beaten or fined for messing up
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Hours, Food, and Working Conditions

  • children would work hard for little or no pay
  • children sometimes worked for nineteen hours with a one hour break
  • normally it was just twelve to fourteen hours with the same break
  • many accidents wold injure or even kill the child on the job

Punisments Children Faced

  • the treatment of the factory children was often cruel and un unusual
  • the factory owners would beat, verbally abuse, and not care for their safty on the job
  • one common punishment was to be weighted
  • weighted was where the overseer hung a heavy weight around the childs neck

Accidents That Often Happened

  • injuries can permenitly damage the child and can even kill them
  • Accidents that happen include rapid skeletal system growth, hearing loss, and development of the body
  • each year nearly 2.7 million children die due to child labor
  • the children had less experience and offten had more injures

Efforts to imporve/stop Chlid Labor

A social movement was established to protest child labor called reformers. Up until this point the supreme court took a lassiez fair approach. States started to pass laws restricting the age kids can work at. The keating-Owen act passed by Woodrow Wilson, banned any sale of any article made by children and regulated the number of hours they can work.