How to write an AS Methods essay.

What you need to do in the different parts of the essay!

"Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start..."

One of the things that the examiner is looking for is that you set the theoretical location of the method. Sounds complicated? Yes- but this is something you can all do! What the examiner means is that you say who likes the method and who doesn't like the method. You can do that! Refer to both Positivists and Interpretivists and make clear who likes the method and who doesn't and link this to what they see the aim of Sociology being! And that's your introduction done.

And finally...

All essays should end with a conclusion. It needs to be reasoned and justified; this means you should state whether or not the method is useful and what leads to this conclusion. You should explain which of main points or criticisms is the most important and why. It is a last chance to impress so make sure you leave the examiner gobsmacked with how amazingly brilliant you are at Sociology!