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November 14th- November 28th


At East Central Junior High we are committed to preparing students academically and socially to be self-sufficient, contributing members of the community with plans for a successful future.

Interdisciplinary Literacy

Literacy in Every Classroom

Literacy is not just for reading anymore.
It includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking,
and it can be integrated into any content area.

In fact, TLE #7 requires teachers to integrate literacy into other parts of the school day,
to use it as the glue that holds all learning together.

*Have you checked out the Curriculum and Instruction website lately.

Challenge: There are four components to Interdisciplinary Literacy...below is part 1 "Grapple"....I have a $20 Gift Card for the first person to email me the names and a quick description of the other three components of Interdisciplinary Literacy.

*Offer not valid in Alaska and Hawaii

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Interdisciplinary Literacy - Grapple

The learning happens in the struggle. If we want our students to learn, then we mustcarefully create that struggle for our students. Too much struggle without guidance and they will give up. Not enough struggle and they become bored and give up in a different way. When we give our students tasks that are too simple, they think we doubt their ability. When the simple tasks come at them all the time, they start to doubt themselves.

Changing this cycle is not easy. If students resist, we must give more guidance and encouragement, not easier work.

Instead of delivering information, present mysteries and problems for students to solve. As they solve the mysteries, they will uncover the information for themselves and remember it better. Essential questions can be good grappling points, but remember that instead of giving students answers, we have to guide them to find their own answers.

SCIENCE: Are animals required for humankind's survival? Explain.
MATH: When should I multiply? When is multiplying not an option?
SOCIAL STUDIES: Why does the textbook include _____ in this chapter
instead of in the next chapter?
LANGUAGE ARTS: What is the connection between reading and writing?
TECHNOLOGY: What are your top eight priorities when producing a news video?
PHYSICAL EDUCATION: What are the two most important rules in basketball? Why?
ART: What choices must a painter make before beginning a work? How are a painter's
choices different from those a sculptor makes?
WORLD LANGUAGE: How is Spanish like English? How is it unlike English?

The strategies are all listed and linked on the left side of this page.
The ones that focus best on Grappling are:
Concept Circles
Frayer Model
Math Translation
Levels of Questions


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Morning Duty Assignments

Foyer- Leister/Hirshburg

Cafeteria - Hill/Goralczyk

Gym - Knoy/King

Snack/Machine - Leland/Luneau

Nate Casteel

  1. What is your favorite movie? Favorite Trilogies: The Matrix, LOTR, The Godfather, The Dark Knight, and Star Wars.
  2. What do you do to relax? Watch football and play X-box Live with Mr. Waddell's son Zack (He's way better than me!)
  3. Who inspires you? I don't know if it's inspiration or the beatings, but my wife has certainly made me a better person over the years.
  4. If I could travel anywhere it would be...Paris, Mumbai, and Tokyo
  5. My favorite music/artist is...The Black Keys, Of Monsters and Men, Avett Brothers, Chris Janson, Eric Church, and Dr. Dre.
  6. Who would you like to interview next? Ron Caine

Week At a Glance

Saturday, Nov. 14th, 7-9am

12121 East 21st Street

Tulsa, OK


Saturday November 14th -

  1. Lesson Plans Due

Monday November 16th -
  1. Science PLC's in Library
  2. POD Meeting - 3:30-4:30
  3. Basketball v. Carver @ ECHS - 5:30

Tuesday November 17th -

  1. Lang. Arts and Social Studies PLC's in Library
  2. State Department Visit - A.M.
  3. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30

Wednesday November 18th -

  1. Reading, Science and Math PLC's in Library
  2. Ed. Talent Search - 8th @ 1:25/7TH @ 2:25
  3. Progress Reports distributed
  4. SBG Action Planning Meeting @ 3:30 in 134
  5. Basketball v. Clinton @ Clinton - 5:30

Thursday November 19th -

  1. Detention/Tutoring - 3:30-4:30

Friday November 20th -

  1. Deadline for entering Progress Report grades & comments
  2. Picture Re-takes
  3. Basketball v. Rogers JH @ ECHS - 5:30

Monday November 23rd -
  1. Faculty Meeting - 3:30

Tuesday November 24th -

  1. Detention - 3:30-4:30

Wednesday November 25th - 27th

  1. Thanksgiving Break

Upcoming Events

Monday November 30th - POD Meeting @ 3:30

Monday November 30th-Thursday Dec. 3rd - iPD Week

Friday December 4th - Early Release Day - 1:30 Dismissal