Compulsory Attendance

For a better future.

Why should schools require attendance?

Although many kids are opposed to the fact that they should go to school, teachers and parents know that it is the best thing for their students to attend regularly. Kids don't want to attend because they could have a lot more fun doing other things, but attendance of school is crucial for preparation for the future.

Attendance is so important for the quality of your education that Texas has a Compulsory Attendance law. For the state of Texas, there is something called the

"90% Rule". It states that you are required to attend class for 90% of the time to receive credit for that class. The school must notify the parent after too many unexcused absences: 10 or more absences during a six-week period.

Dropouts face challenges such as: not being able to find a job, having a higher risk of going to jail, and having a harder time getting married. They also are more likely to do drugs and alcohol. Some of the time, when students drop out of high school, it is due to bullying or academic pressure. Now, schools work hard to make sure none of that goes on, by anti-bullying programs like "Culture of Kindness" (C2), or "PALS".

Jobs are tough to find for students who drop out of school. Most jobs don't take dropouts because they want a well educated employee for that occupation. Most jobs require a high school or college education, and for a high paying job, you would need a college degree.

Jail risk goes along with dropping out of school. Students who drop out have a 9.4% chance of incarceration as compared to high school graduates with a 2.8% chance.

A few young adults think that drugs and alcohol will solve all their problems, but it makes them even worse because they could get in trouble for using them, and get kicked out of high school or college.

Some critics say that an education isn't important, but what they are really saying is that everybody should work at fast food restaurants when they grow up and miss out on the benefits of a solid education.

All of this shows just how important an education is, and the risks you take by dropping out of school. An education will provide a life full of opportunities, and will make everything so much easier for everybody, especially the student!

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I took some time to interview some 6th graders about their views on compulsory attendance. Here are their responses on the question, "What do you think about attending school?":

School will help you gain the skills you need for the rest of your life!