Number The Stars

Lois Lowry

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By Kylie Broussard

Plot outline

Exposition:Setting:Denmark Characters:Annemarie and Ellen
TE: Annemarie were racing and they ran into some German soldiers on there way home.
Rising Action:

TE:Ellen is a Jue and also her family because the German soldiers will take them to Germany and make them work then kill them so Ellen stayed with her friend Annemarie and her mom took them to Annemarie's uncle Henrick and Peter (Annemaries dead older sisters fiance) took Ellens mom and dad to a safe place.

TE:There was this strange package and Peter said it was very imporotant Uncle Henrick had to have it when they got to the boat to go to Sweden to be safe.But Ellen's father dropped it and Annemarie's mom tripped over a root and broke her ankle so Annemarie had to go take to her uncle Henrick but she got stopped by Germans and the package turned out to be a handkerchief that took a dogs scent away.

Falling Action:

TE:When Annemarie found out that Ellen has made it to Sweden she was relived she wondered if she will ever come back but she never did.


TE:Three years later the war was over and peace was throughout the land and there were huge parades and large amounts of people who were dancing and singing there hearts out.

Conflict of the story

It was Annemarie,Ellen,Ellen's parents,Annemarie's parents,and uncle Henrick against the germans.


The theme is don't judge sombody by what they look like (don't judge a book by it's cover).The Germans wanted to kill the Jues of what they looked like and how they were different.

Character Analysis

The Antagonists were the Germans who wanted to kill the Jues.The Protagonists were Annemarie, Ellen,Annemarie's parents,uncle Henrick,and Ellen's family

How Important The Setting Was Back Then

The setting back then in 1933 was a very long time ago and it would have been hard to write this book right now (2014) and that is why it was easier back then to wrote the book.

What Effected The Character

This effected Annemarie because her friend was in danger because her whole family was a Jue and they would be taken away.
number the stars.