A small girl that has big dreams

Shaynes Plans for the future.

How small dreams become reality...

This page is about how I will be working my way threw life! From the begging of my Freshman Year till I Graduate! From College till I go into business! Enjoy and Thank You for stopping on by to my page!! -Shayne

My Personality is a Blue Personality...

A Blue Personality is a person who is Loyal, A Peacemaker, Devoted to anything they set their mind to and Friendly! You could be A blue!

You Could be one of these Personalitys also...

This is where everything starts...

Bentonville High School!! Lets go TIGERS!!

Performance By BHS CHEER TEAM!

Bentonville Tigers Varsity Competition Cheer Team Nov. 10,

My Brain!

21% of My brain is Smart & 21% of my brain is creative! So I'm equally Smart & Creative!


Interest Results:

1. Performing Arts
2. Governance
3. Visual Arts

4. Marketing Communications

5. Early Childhood Development and Services

Skills Results:

1. Health Informatics

2. Professional Support Services

3. Personal Care Services

4. Correction Services

5. Early Childhood Development and Services

Work Values Results:
1. Prestige

2. Innovation

3. Workplace

4. Accomplishment
5. Income

Planning my High School Year...

Freshman Year: (2013-2014)

-Planning my 4 year graduation plan.
-Begin to Volunteer within the Bentonville community, Maintain a good record!

-Begin research on Carrier Choices
-Read many books (Is easier to help with your SAT/ACT)

SophmORE YEAR: (2014-2015)

-Check Credits to make sure I am on schedule for completing graduation
-Visiting the Career Center to learn more about different universities and careers
-Consult college web sites to make sure your courses meet college entrance requirements
**REMINDER** Colleges are more impressed by respectable grades in challenging courses that by outstanding grades in easy ones

Junior Year: (2015-2016)

-Visit college campuses. **Only get two college visit days during my Senior Year**
-Think about volunteering for community service
-Keep a record of the advantages & disadvantages of each college
-Participate in a SAT/ ACT prep program

SENIOR YEAR: (2016-2017)

-Study HARD.
-Talk to my Teachers and others to whom I know well and ask them to write a recommendation for me
-Check deadlines for financial aid/scholarship grants

-Register to take the appropriate college entrance exam

Graduation Day!

Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 10am

285 Stadium Drive

Fayetteville, AR

This is the day the class of 2017 and myself will be graduating!! WOO HOO!

Off to College!!!

University Of Arkansas! WWOOO PIGG SOOIEEE!!!

Off to College.. Leaving the nest into the real world...

While I'm at the University of Arkansas..

-Their are a total of: 7,174 Students
- Ill be getting my Bachelors Degree
-Requirement for Admission: Secondary school GPA
-Public School
-Total Cost: 7,174 per year

My "Shirt" for College!!

After College

After College I would like to be a choreographer and teach people to dance. Ive always had a passion for dancing and one day would love to teach others what I enjoy!!

Abilities & Talents:

Team Player; Works well with others
Independent Worker; Self-disciplined
Creative Thinking Skills
Reliable; Good Listening Skills
Conscientious; Strong Sense of community
Time Management and Organizational skills
; leadership Skills; Exhibits good judgement
Interest in global & humanitarian issues

My "Licence Plate"

Shayne Nelson, Chorographer Monthly Expenses

Housing: $677.00
Utilities: $289.00
Food: $350.00
Transportaion: $577.00
Clothes: $150.00
Health Care: $68.00
Entertainment: $175.00
Personal: $75.00
Misc: $100.00
Remaining Balance: $317.00

Thank you once again for stopping by on my page!

This is an experience that I am very excited to travel this journey and you have seen what a little bit of it will look like! "Go as far as you can see, when you get their you'll be able to see further" -Thomas Carlyle