"Miracle" Series

Anne Geddes

Celine Dion

Anne Geddes first met Celine when she was incredibly kind to an eight-year-old girl who her and her husband were very close to, who has since died of cancer. Celine and Anne discovered that they have common values, and that they both cherish the love that can be expressed in families. As their friendship grew, they began to talk about how much they would enjoy working together.

Anne said, "The combination is a perfect blend. We believe that each new life is truly a miracle. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to create Miracle with Celine, whose vocal artistry completely captures our shared love for children".

This photograph of Celine and the babies is famous for what the image portrays, it shows the caring and loving side of families. It is also the cover of her album "Miracle" that was released October 11, 2014. This photograph was taken in a studio along with more than 100 photographs.

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My opinion

In my opinion I like how Anne Geddes included Celine Dion in with the babies and how they are set up in the photograph. To me, the unique thing about this photograph is how she is wearing the flower dress and holding the one baby on the left and not the one on the right. The proportions of how much flower is shown and the placement of the babies ties into the uniqueness of the photograph. I wouldn't change much but if I could I would change how smooth the flower is on the left side. I would make it so it was still smooth but also look more like the right side. I think Anne captured Celine's personality by having her hold the child like she did and also having her head so close to the baby shows that she cares.
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