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Volume 2; Issue 2 September 16, 2016

We are all in this together...We are Team Red Bank!

The Week at A Glance

Everyone was hard at work getting the kids settled into a routine and ready to learn. Thanks to having substitutes for 5 days, we were able to get all our DiBels assessments completed. All students should be in the data base and the new school year has been added, so we should be able to upload the benchmark scores. Back to school night was a huge success and the turnout of parents was incredible. When our school is filled with parents, guardians, and teachers at the same time, it is evident you all have created a learning community that has no boundaries. Kathryn Smith has joined our staff as an LPC aide. Many of you recognize her from her many stints of substituting in our school. When you see her in the halls, please give her a big hello and welcome!

I added the link to the BTSN presentation. ( sound) Check it out!

SMOW: Staff Member of the Week!

The first staff member of the week for the 2016-2017 school is Mrs. Elberson. Mrs. Elberson is one awesome teacher! She is very kind and bubbly with both students and staff members. Mrs. Elberson is also extremely generous with her time and can often be seen helping her fellow teachers. She exhibits complete responsibility with each and every one of the students. She helps kids solve their own problems and does so in a fun way. Mrs. Elberson makes the students feel safe as she creates a risk-free environment for her learners. She constantly goes that extra mile. Way to go, Mrs. Elberson!

Some Important STUFF!

"Helping Hands"

During the first School Safety committee meeting, we brainstormed ideas that would help our kindergartners transition safely into the full-day model. This is especially important during lunch and recess time. The committee came up with the idea of using some of our 2nd graders as "helping hands." Each week we will have 4 or 5 students who are willing to help our kindergarten kids at this time. They will eat during the first lunch (even if they are in the second lunch--they can sit with new friends) and stay on the kindergarten side at recess. Their "tour of duty" is for one week. The teachers will recommend students to serve as our "helping hands" teams. The "helping hands" for the first week are: Mrs. Micciche (Brayden Curcio), Mrs. Cianfarini (Addison Fronzo), Ms. Pauro/Schultes (Bobby Brooks) and Mrs. Combs (Tori Still). The team for the week of 9/26th will be students from Mrs. McGlinn, Ms. Darpino, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Corino, and Mrs. Cirone. You can begin thinking of the student from your class that would an excellent recommendation for this job! Mrs. Trombetta's class can join the rotation the following week, so that we always have a 5 member team. They even get to wear the "fashion forward" helping hands attire as modeled on the right!

Things to Remember!

Upcoming Events:

9/20/16--Students First meeting

9/21/16--Interventionist meeting

9/26/16--WIN Cycle #1 begins

9/27/16--Faculty Meeting @ 8:20

9/28/16--PTO Meeting 7:00 at Red Bank