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April 2021

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Welcome to the April newsletter! Please read to learn more about the programming and resources offered by the LEE Library during April. Highlights include:

  1. Information about book return
  2. Collaboration to support students honing their research skills
  3. Reading promotions for in-person and virtual students
  4. Library databases, web resources, and podcasts designed to assist teachers as they support a variety of learners.

It's Time to Turn in Books!

All LEE Library books are due by May 14. Book drop-off is available in front of the library's main entrance for in-person students. Virtual students are asked to email the LEE Librarian, Ms. McDevitt to arrange for drop-off. She can be reached at rmcdev@neisd.net. There are NO fines on overdue books!

Media Literacy for Teens

MediaWise: a Teen Fact-Checking Network

How can teens improve their media literacy skills?

MediaWise, an organization sponsored by the Poynter Institute, specifically designs content and programming for a teens. It is committed to "...empower people of all ages to be more critical consumers of content online. We teach people key digital literacy skills to spot misinformation and disinformation so they can make decisions based on facts, not fiction."

How exactly does MediaWise encourage and empower teens to be critical consumers? Follow MediaWise on Instagram (or any social media) @MediaWise to see how teens actively engage in fact-checking social media posts.

Additionally, teens can direct the attention of @MediaWise to questionable posts by flagging the post with #IsThisLegit. The teens who work at MediaWise will visit flagged posts and may choose one as the focus of their fact-checking evaluations.

International Fact-Checking Day

The LEE Library promoted International Fact-Checking Day on April 2, 2021. On this day, all consumers of digital media are encouraged to reflect on their fact-checking skills. Students were encouraged to try and learn simple strategies that professional fact-checkers use such as a reverse image search.

Interested in learning more? Follow @AFPFactCheck on Twitter for access to more FREE educational resources that teach simple fact-checking skills through short videos. Teachers: these are great to use in the classroom to promote discussion and strengthen students' media literacy skills.

Virtual Collaboration Highlights

Reading Promotions for Students & Staff

April is National Poetry Month:

During the month of April, the LEE Library celebrated poetry! The library's hallway windows are currently loaded with books available for checkout that feature the works of individual poets, collections of poetry, and novels in verse. We have books of poetry in both English and Spanish.

Educators looking for poetry resources throughout the year are encouraged to visit these LEE Library databases:

  • EBSCO Books
  • Teaching Books

Do You Miss the Bookstore Experience?

Step inside the library's main entrance to see books on display. A huge thank you to LEE Library assistant Mrs. Wood who keeps a fresh rotation of titles in the LEE Library's main entrance display. Currently available for consideration are books she selected for their one-word title. Come by to see for yourself!

Curriculum Support for Teachers

ABC-CLIO Databases

Teachers: are you looking for short videos to support your instruction and engage your students? ABC-CLIO now offers "Topic Essential Videos." These teacher-led videos (yes, led by actual classroom teachers) are designed to support learners who are in a virtual or an in-person model. The "Topic Essential Videos" can be found by going to any of the following ABC-CLIO databases:

  • American Government
  • American History
  • World History (Ancient)
  • World History (Modern)

Teachers: please let Ms. McDevitt know if you'd like a 5 minute tutorial on how to find and use these videos with your students!

Podcast Lowdown

Podcasts for Earth Day:

While Earth Day 2021 was formally observed April 20-22, why not use a podcast to inform your teaching about the environment or inspire a classroom discussion during other times of the year? Perspectives from podcasts can be a great starting point for a debate or a deeper dive on an environmental issue.

Looking for a podcast that is hosted by young people about young people involved in environmental activism? Try "Inherited" - a podcast that allows listeners an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of what it is like to create change.

Additional environment-focused podcasts:

OverDrive eBook & Audiobook Circulation

The LEE Library continues to see the importance of offering eBook and Audiobook checkouts. A huge thank you to all LEE and ISA teachers who promote the library's electronic collection!

OverDrive Checkouts (eBook and Audiobook combined)

April 1 - April 30, 2021: 33

Coming in May:

  • Summer Reading
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Celebrating student projects
  • Podcast Spotlight

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