The transition metal with the atomic number 43!

10 Cool Facts About Technetium

1. Scientists in 1846, 1847, 1877, 1896, 1908, and 1925 all published reports that they discovered what is now known as technetium.

2. All of these reports turned out to be different elements!

3. Astronomers have found technetium in stars!

4. Technetium is the ONLY element that is artificially produced!!!

5. Technetium is Greek for "artificial".

6. Technetium resembles platinum.

7. Thirty six known isotopes of technetium have been created.

8. In its powdered form, technetium will burn!

9. Tiny amounts of technetium are found on earth, and they're in uranium ores.

10. Technetium has the lowest atomic number of any radioactive element!

Technetium's mass number is 98!

Technetium's Discovery

Technetium is a TRANSITION METAL in period FIVE. It is a SOLID.