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Newsletter ~ February 2016

Parental Support

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A Message From Dr. Hammond

Resilience Empowers Me

Derrick learns his dad has lost his job and his family may have to move. It's hard, but he finds a way to cope. Mark finds out he didn't get an internship he really wanted. He stays upset and can't seem to move on.

Derrick demonstrates resilience, which helps him overcome tough times. Use these strategies to help your teen be resilient, too.

Talk it out.

Bottling up emotions keeps your child from dealing with his feelings. He's more likely to stay stuck instead of moving past what's bothering him. Encourage him to reach out to people he trusts, whether it's you, a teacher, a coach, a clergy member, or an uncle. Getting the feelings out may be enough to make him feel better. By talking it through, he might realize there's a solution or that things aren't as bad as they seemed.

Take action.

When challenging situations come his way, it might be harder for your teens to get things done - making his life feel more out of control. Suggest he check just one thing off his to-do list (complete a missing assignment, apply for a part-time position). It will give him a sense of accomplishment and could help him get on a roll. That way, things won't feel so overwhelming.

Forces outward.

Getting his mind off himself and onto helping others may make his own problems seem smaller. Have him look around for people he might help. He could assist a younger neighbor with a special school project or sort donations for a local nonprofit group, for instance.

Article from High School Years - Working Together for Lifelong Success

Healthy Relationships

During high school, your teenager will probably develop close friendships or romantic relationships. Use these tips to help make sure the bonds formed are healthy ones.


Discuss how your teen should be treated and how he should treat others. For instance, balance is important. Both parties should have a say in decisions like where to go or what to do. Honesty is another key. Your child will want to feel comfortable sharing his feelings and opinions - and having them respected - even if her and his friends disagree.


Have your teenager think about favorite relationships, perhaps with a friend, relative, or coach. Why does he enjoy spending time with those people? Maybe they're good listeners, or he feels good about himself when he's around them. Encourage him to evaluate how he behaves towards friends - does he prompt those same kinds of feelings in others? He can also keep those standards in mind to gauge the health of his other relationships.


Brainstorm how to handle things if they start to sour. Say his girlfriend wanted him to spend all his time with her. He could explain that he needs to keep up with friends and family, too. If she couldn't accept that, he may need to step away. Or perhaps a friend constantly puts him down. He might tell his friend to stop - and take a break from the friendship if needed.

Article from High School Years - Working Together for Lifelong Success

Upcoming Events

February 12th - No School (President's Day Weekend)

February 15th - No School (President's Day Weekend)

February 19th - Winter Class Games

February 20th - Sadies' / Winter Fest Dance

February 25 - Parent Teacher Conferences

March 14 - Junior Parent Night

March 25th - No School

April 1st- 1/2 Day (Spring Break begins)

April 11th - School Resumes

April 13th - Late Start for grades 9 & 10

Casino Trip Fundraiser for Post Grad

Click this link to get information on the Casino fundraiser that includes bus transportation, 50/50 raffles, and food vouchers for February 20th and April 16th!

*NEW* Charge Lunch Policy

Grand Blanc students (grade 9-12) may charge their lunch anytime they forget their lunch or lunch money. They are required to repay the charge back on the next day. If a student has an outstanding charge they will NOT be allowed to charge another lunch. Once the outstanding charge had been paid, the student is free to charge again when necessary. If you would like to see if your child has an outstanding charge, please check out your child's lunch account through the web site. If you have misplaced your login and password, please call Trish (810) 591-6928.

The Charge Lunch Policy changes depending on the student's grade. (Elementary, Middle, and High School Students)


Important Senior Dates to Remember!

Click here to see all the important dates for your senior student! Dates included are AP Testing, Honors Awards Ceremony, Senior Final Exam dates, and more!

You only experience high school ONCE, but the memories will last a LIFE TIME.

Grand Blanc Yearbook

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Order your Yearbook!

Yearbook pre-orders are happening now. All 385 pages will be published in a 4-volume box set including the spring supplement inserted in the book upon delivery in May for just $80. We order limited quantities, so don't miss your chance to own the most comprehensive retrospective of the year's moments. Visit www.gbyearbook for an order form or to purchase online with a credit card.

Yearbooks make great birthday and graduation presents, too!

Parents of seniors: There are a few spaces still available in the senior ad section of our yearbook. Ad prices range from $75 - $300 for the various sizes. Please visit www.gbyearbook for the order form and send information/inquiries to

Do you know a student who has accomplished a feat, done something special to help others, or has a story to tell? We want to feature everyone in the yearbook in a meaningful way. Please message us on our website if you know someone we should interview and photograph.

Save the date!

4th Annual GBYearbook Kolor Run Fun Run

Saturday, April 30th, 10 a.m.

$25 registration includes a commemorative t-shirt

Counseling News

Financial Aid Information

It’s the time of year that the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Assistance) should be filled out and submitted by senior parents and students. This form is very important for financial aid consideration, and ALL seniors planning on attending college are encouraged to apply. FAFSA encourages parents and students to apply on-line at Web-based worksheets are available in the Counseling Office and should be completed before going online. FAFSA applications must be filed and received by March 1, 2016 to be considered for state aid. Please feel free to call the Counseling Office at 591-6647 with any questions.

Learn more information about scheduling classes, college applications, and FAFSA by clicking this link!

Career & Technical Education

Click here to view the monthly Career and Technical Education (CTE) information.

Grand Blanc Schools Looking for Bus Drivers

Grand Blanc Schools is hiring and training school bus drivers:

  • $13.74 per run, 15 to 20 hours per week plus field trips
  • High school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • You must be a least 21 years of age, with 3 years of driving experience
  • Must be able to pass both a drug test and a background investigation

Please apply in person Monday – Friday 8 am - 4 pm at:

Grand Blanc Transportation

2500 E Maple Ave

Flint, MI 48507


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